Ré Skorr, the Fallen King

Ré Skorr used to be the king of a country known as Stottore. But about 30 years ago, the entire planet of Croetae was sent into a war that caused a majority of the humans on the planet to die. The rest were mutated I’m various ways, including growing wings and horns. The war ended after 3 years, but the impacts will be still be felt until the end of time. Ré Skorr is now the leader of a small village located in and around the remains of his castle containing most of the remaining population of Stottore. He usually helps with lifting heavy things, which feel hundreds of times lighter with his gravity gauntlets. He also has a special gold alloy shortsword and a blade that can be used as both a sword and an axe.
Front pic

Back pic

Action-ish poses

And a comparison shot with a United Tahu

If you have any idea for a better title for Ré Skorr, please let me know. I realize the current one may be a bit misleading.


Not bad. Not bad at all.

Neat, I like the leg design.

Nice and bulky, however that head doesn’t seem to fit very well.


a really nice build right here ! also like the hands

Famous crocodile hunter last words

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Very big and solid, (two major pluses), but is looks like he lacks swivels in the ankles, knees, or legs.

nice double jointed hips and nice lower legs too

The chest armor is bit bland. but the overall design is good.

So, he too loves the 70’s.

I like how bulky it is

I got to say this looks great.
Really like the build though the back looks weird.

I love this MOC’s design and colours!

Colors could be more cohesive, but this is nice.

Reminds me a lot of some Transformer designs.