Realm 257: The Terran Trans-Galactic Union (A [Not So] Brief Explanation of Everything You Need to Know)

One Out-of-Context Note: You (the reader of this) are "playing the role" of an Observer, one of many beings who watches over all of space and time.

Welcome to Realm 257: The Terran Trans-Galactic Union.
Before you enter Realm 257, you need to be caught up on the basic characteristics of this Realm.

Notable Solar-Systems

Notable Planets (Organized by System)
Sol System

 Terra Prime (Earth) (Sol III) (Features: It should be pretty familiar by now)

 Mercury, (Sol I) (Features: Not much other Mercuries don't have)

 Venus, (Sol II) (Features: It's famous clouds have long since been converted to more useful substances, thus rendering its surface as habitable as any other Sol System planet)

 Mars, (Sol IV) (Features: Noticeably more water than normal)

 Jupiter, (Sol V) (Features: Not much other Jupiters don't have)

 Saturn, (Sol VI) (Features: Its rings have been stripped of all their resources, considerably thinning and dimming this planet's most defining feature)

 Uranus, (Sol VII) Its famous tilt (and thus the fact that its South Pole is always facing away from the sun) has been used as a means of keeping things in *very* cold storage)

 Neptune, (Sol VIII) (Features: Its two main storms have burnt out by now, replaced by a single bigger one right on its equator)

Exxon System

 Exxon IX (Features: Generic, habitable planet)

Triglithiax System

 Triglithiax IV (Features: Since the whole logging industry (the Triglithiaxans' primary source of income) is fully automated, a huge network of train-tracks criss-crosses all of the visible land.)

Euclid System

 Euclid I (Features: Totally covered in water. Not even an inch of visible land. As such, all who live there do so on floating cities the size of small countries)

D'Jarex System

 D'Jarex Iota (Features: A typical victim of Industrial-Expansion-Gone-Crazy Syndrome)

Other Notable Celestial Bodies (or Groups of Celestial Bodies) (Organized by System)
Sol System

 Pluto, (Features: A few scattered cities)

 Asteroid Belt, (Features: Not much worth noting)

Notable Technology/Exported Products (Organized by Planet [or Other Celestial Body])
Terra Prime

 Plasma Cannons

 Tachyon Sails (a specialized force-field that catches tachyons going in one direction and pulls the ship along with it)

 Personal Assistance Androids (robots with fully organic skin, meant to replicate humans perfectly. Sort of like Terminators, but not as murderous.)

 Curiously shaped vessels called "Space-Battleships" (named for their resemblance to various aquatic craft)


 Super-Coffee ("You need something *strong* to keep you awake when your days outlast your years" is the company's slogan)


 Venusian Blinds (Cloaking-devices.)


 Force-field generators (that are only compatible with their preferred choice of vehicle [seen below])

 Various Tripods intended for all sorts of uses (from going to the store to planetary invasion [Martians seem to have a great sense of humor])

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune

 Various gasses


 Attack Dinos (large mechs that bear a vague resemblance to dinosaurs, hence the name)

Asteroid Belt

 Various minerals and metals

Exxon IX

 You'd think that with a name like "Exxon" it would have something to do with fuel, right? Wrong. Nothing at all comes from this world. Nothing. It's a total mystery, and should probably be left that way.

Triglithiax IV

 Wood (A whole three-quarters of the planet's surface is covered in dense forests, so they don't mind exporting some of it)

Euclid I

 Portal-based instantaneous transportation (max. range, a whole galaxy. Would have usurped ships by now were it not for the fact that it needs a small supernova to reach it's maximum range.)

D'Jarex Iota

 Yet another mystery world

Next time, a (not so) brief history of Realm 257.

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