Recap Reviews: Blue Pins=Con?


I may turn this topic into a "alright, let's debate Eljay on this" topic for a while. The video hits the Youtube viewers this tomorrow, and I feel it's gonna stir stuff up.

So, while the video won't be public on Youtube for another 20 or so hours, it's public on Vessel right now over here. Give it a look, and let's begin.


Watched it, and I agree.

If they wanted kids to be able to differentiate between between the pins, at least make the colours more...compatible with other colours of the colour wheel. Like maybe have the pins be different shades of grey like the CCBS bones, unless kids are that numbskulled that they can't even tell that apart.

In all seriousness, I'm sure that Lego has already tested out plenty of colours for the pins/axles during play tests and found that red and blue were the easiest/fastest for the kids to see and use. Regardless, no matter what, it's the final product that matters. And in the final product, red and blue pins don't work.

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i got myself mad thinking about how blue pins are a con and didn’t want to make a new thread to complain why it’s stupid to critique a moc just because it has blue pins

i hate it because maybe that’s all they have for that type of connection that “blue pin” used to be black when i wasn’t born yet. i only have WHAT? 1 pin in black because my mum bought in bulk, if i had only blue pins that’s all i have, it exists by buying online but nobody wants to buy something because some (donkey hole) told them their moc doesn’t look good with blue pins

i’m not good at arguing, maybe because i’m stupid idk ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Not at all. I feel ya. I only recently acquired an appreciable number of black axels, but I still use the red ones, along with the blue pins. The key, is to hide them well.

That’s a fair point. Many MOCists don’t have all of the parts they need in order to build what they want. I certainly experienced that feeling when I was younger. However, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Specify in your MOC’s description that you don’t have pins in neutral colours. By addressing a potential critique in your original post/video/presentation, you will reduce the number of comments you’ll get about it.

  2. Photograph the MOC in such a way as to hide the brightly coloured pins. You can use image editing programs such as GIMP or Photoshop to darken the sections of the image containing unwanted bright colours in order to make them stand out less.

  3. Online marketplaces such as BrickLink are a legitimate way to acquire more pieces that you need. You might even be able to find a local seller who will allow you to pick up your order in-person in order to avoid shipping charges.

4: use the few black ones you do have, (assuming you have any) in exposed areas, and find clever ways to hid the bright colored ones.

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i know about it

I assumed you did. May I ask why buying parts online doesn’t seem to be an option for you?

If I had to guess, the same reason it’s not for me. Minimum lot numbers. I for one, don’t want to buy 100 black pins. 20 or 30, I could do, but not as many as the minimum lot numbers want.

i have to spend more money :frowning: