Recap Reviews: Blue Pins=Con?

I've seen a lot of people complain about Eljay considering blue pins (or other small colour breakers) as a con in his Recap Reviews.

While I too consider it a con, it's easy to see why people disagree with Eljay's decision. They do break the colour scheme, but Eljay doesn't need to continually list it as a con each and every time. It's clear that Lego isn't going to fix the colour breakers in future sets, so Eljay doesn't need to continue listing it as a con.

However, I believe Eljay should continue listing it as a con and it makes sense that he does:

  1. As fans, we watch these reviews as a series, but if any person (perhaps new to Bionicle) wanted to simply see one video, Eljay must include it as a con every time.
  2. They do break the colour scheme. In system sets, we rarely see a break in the colour scheme because Lego is okay with making new colours for pieces. And we have seen them use recoloured white pins in Cahdok and Gahdok, so why not in other Bionicle sets?

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I'm just waiting for 2008 because of tthe red axles. and after that 2009 with the blue long pins.


I believe it was 2007 that introduced the red axles.

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no, they had the Cordak missles, which I often confuse for the red axles

Actually, nope. Can confirm now, red axles were in fact introduced in 2007.

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huh. weird

Here's an Omega Tahu XL


There are two visible blue pins on this figure. 0/10 would not buy.


I've seen many a System set with a broken color scheme. Designers often include brightly colored bricks embedded in models to enhance the building experience. Sometimes these show from the outside and annoy the heck out of me.

Maybe they make the small pins and axles in brightly colors because it makes them easier to find?

That's exactly why, and it;s stupid

The same could be with Bionicle sets, but we only get Bionicle sets with the brightly coloured pins very visible.

Introduced in 2006 with Fenrakk in Bionicle.

They just saw wider use in 2007


Yeah, I liked how they did that in that specific set. Made it look like the teeth were connected to the gums.

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crinkler y u necropost

I'm not a fan of blue-pins, but they wouldn't effect my purchase of a set. I don't think they need to be listed as a con.

Keep in mind that there are some people with OCD in the world who do this:

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Priorities much? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bringing this topic back to life to say I'm making public a video briefly discussing this matter. It'll be on Vessel exclusively for this week, and then next Tuesday it'll be on Youtube. Keep an eye out for it, and hope you aren't someone that "likes" red axles and blue pins.


Finally, it was about time.

But does it really warrant a whole 9 minutes? :stuck_out_tongue: