Recruitment : New Bionicle fan fiction " Bionicle : Okoto's Demise"

Hi there!

I’m back ! This post is more of an announcement.

Basically, I have recently been working on a fan fiction called “Okoto’s Demise”, which picks up right after Journey to One. This fan fiction’s main goal would be to try and give a satisfying conclusion to G2. It would be entirely visual, just drawings, no text, and would be told episodically.

I am starting this topic to see if some people on the message boards could possibly color the drawings, via photoshop, or some other way. If you think you could do it, I will send a drawing to all of you personally just to see what you can make out of it. I know there are some really talented people in here, and I would love to work with some of you.

Just a tiny, insignificant preview:


Good to see you back folk.

Good to see you again Zero!

@Zero would you be interested?

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Depends on how much free time I can dedicate to photoshop.

If I just give you one as a test, wanna give it a try ?I’ll send it via PM

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Sure why not

Did you mean to write Recruitment instead of Recrutement

i did X)