Rectify: A Transformers One-shot (TF: ToT RPG Tale)

Hello all.

As a heads up, this one shot exercise does not format how I would like here on the boards. I don’t believe the short is quite as good without that formatting, so if you would, please use the link below.The link will take you to a shared PDF version of the tale with the intended formatting.

Though if you rather not, you can still read it here, albeit with a lesser visual style.

With that out of the way, this one-shot involves a background character of mine in MaximusPrimal’s Transformers: Tournament of Terror RP. All comments and criticisms are welcomed.


A Transformers Short Story

Shunk – shunk – shunk – SHunk – SHUNK – SHUNK! – SHUNK!! – SHUNK!!! SHUNK!!! SHUNK!!!

The track shook violently as the engine built it speed, intensely plowing through the track. While completely unnecessary, its horn blows, letting everyone know it’s on its merry way. He smiled at the sight, chin rested on his arms as he watched from a more grounded view. Some of the buildings blocked part of it, but he still knew where it was and its time. Ten seconds, twenty seconds, thirty seconds – four minutes?! Yes! He had outdone himself!

Four minutes more efficient, surely that would make them happy. With this new layout, their units will run so timely that they will be the best transit in all of Cybertron. Maybe even the station master would –

“Rectifier! Stop playing with your useless toys and get over here!”

– Or not.

Rectifier winces and slows the models to a stop before heading over to the primary control room. There the master stood cross, weight leaning on one leg as he rapidly stomped the other. He was patient today, a good sign.

About time.” He huffed, still banging his foot. “The board wants us to attend some tech expo in-person, said something about it revolutionizing everything. But unlike you, we have real work to do. So go waste your time slightly more useful.”

The station master does not even wait to see if Rectifier acknowledges or will perform this task. He turns around and sits back at the controls with his cohort, the two controlling and dispatching operations. Rectifier mouth grinded as he forced it closed and just walked off. He would do it, at the expense of his own time. The buffoons had no idea just how important his work was for all of them.

Just what would be so “revolutionary” about this tech show anyways? They were top of the line, on time, best planetary transportation operation on Cybertron. Even now, their rivals were interplanetary rather than other rails. And it wouldn’t be long until they would be a force amongst the stars, so what is it? Outside of maybe new engines, more efficient energy devices, or some mass alterations Rectifier could not fathom what would be just around future’s corner to outdo them. Aside from, of course, himself and finding better paths for them to use.

It better be good, else the hours of travel and the time here would just be a waste. Rectifier fiddles with the nobs on his chest, waiting for the demo to begin. The lights finally blared on the stage, though not excitement rose from Rectifier as they were two minutes and twenty-five seconds late. A terrible and unprofessional first impression if you had to ask him.

However, once the presenter came on stage and started to show his revolution, time evaded Rectifier. It was not a device, a thing, or a what, but a who. A them. The showman called them Mini-Cons, transforming robots not unlike themselves. Only they were significantly smaller, consumed less Energon, and perhaps not as awakened as their Sparks. Though they were workers, fast and skilled, could do and become a number of things with the right configurations. Intelligent, adaptable, improvising and learning capable tools; they were so unlike anything previously offered. Or at least, as far as Rectifier was concerned, nothing else was quite like these things.

The board was right, these would revolutionize Cybertron. Already nobs and levers moved about in his mind for all the possibilities he could use them. With them as part of their crew, the efficiency of……everything. Everything would be increased tenfold at least. And to think the buffoons back at the station wasted this opportunity.

Rectifier took no time jumping up, asking questions, and seeing just how many he could get for himself.

It was a quiet, beautiful day at the station. Sunlight dances about the pristine metal, not a piece of litter or corrosion to be found. And it was nearly empty, all cars were traveling elsewhere. Yet Rectifier waited at the edge of the platform, waiting for their arrival. Though while he waited, he looked upon the new mural had been put up. It depicted everyone that worked at the station, all smiling and happy, including their latest partners. A small smile comes upon his face as finally he sees them coming down the track – the Mini-Cons.

This was the first time they were sent alone and moving cargo. Until now they had only been additional pieces and crew on larger vessels, but Rectifier had bigger plans. There was so much more to them than initially gathered, so much more he could do with them. And with this test, he would be closer to working out the unique kinks that would be the Mini-Con lines.

Though before they can catch it, he drops the smile and takes a neutral expression. They come up to the platform and halt, several changing into their robot modes to pick up and move the cargo. Rectifier stops an invisible watch timing them and speaks to the leader.

“You were two minutes behind schedule. Why was that Railgun?”

The little Mini-Con paused and then handed his piece of cargo to his brother before looking up at Rectifier. The controller had such a calm but stern look; he was not upset nor proud, he just wanted a simple answer. Yet the little armored engine was not entirely sure if he should answer as this operation was against protocol.

“Sir, we were concerned about the cargo sir. Thought we would lose it at our highest speeds along the bends sir.” Railgun answered.

“And you did not trust me?” Rectifier said, almost wounded. “I had run the numbers, you would have been able to without loss of cargo. Remember, being on time is more important, the schedule is more important than anything. If your conductor gives you bad instructions, then it’s their fault. Never let yourself be the reason for arriving late.”

“I see sir,” Railgun replied. “I will apply it in future operations. Is there anything else sir?”

“No, you may resume the task.” Rectifier said, giving a little smile.

“Rectifier!” Shouted the irritated road foreman as he approached. “What are you doing with my useless Minicons?! It’s bad enough we have to manage these worthless things, it’s even worse when you keep trying to take them all! We’ve got work to do, they’ve got work to do! Or try to do.”

The station master’s cohort almost made Rectifier jump from the sudden announcement. Rectifier didn’t think he would notice they had gone missing, the station master rarely did. It would seem he misjudge on the other’s attempt to at least implement the Mini-Cons as mandated by the board. Quickly, he gave an excuse.

“Ah, yes, that. I was just teaching them some methods to more efficiently help you is all.”

“Oh then they better or this time we will get the board to throw you in the scrap heap.” The road foreman growled as he and the Mini-Cons walked off.

Rectifier sighed some relief as the encounter at least went better than expected. The foreman was at least less irate than his twin. Though it was about time for his own break, so he headed back to his modeling room.

chunk – chunk – chunk – CHunk – CHUNK – CHUNK! – CHOO!! – CHOO!!! CHOO!!! CHOO!!!

He smiled, hand rested on his hands as he watched the vintage train themed Mini-Cons race along his modeled world. They weren’t the best for actually modeling and determining operations, but he always liked watching them run along and have fun. He designed several different layouts and this new one was his favorite. The Mini-Cons seemed to like it too, whistling as they trudge along and explore.

“Wasting time with pet toys?!” The station master exclaimed as he suddenly came in.
“You waste of scrap! Forget these useless, Spark-less machines and start doing some real work. And if I hear you’re just playing with them again, yours or others, I’ll scrap you myself.”

The station master leaves in a huff and Rectifier just rolls his eyes. The Mini-Cons were not useless, he was not useless. They are not wasting time, they aren’t slacking off! They are doing so much more than they could understand! They refuse to understand! This is just about it! Perhaps it is finally time he…

Rectifier snaps back to reality as he realizes he doesn’t hear the sounds of the train. He looks back down at his model display and finds the three Mini-Cons in their robot modes. They were hiding, sad, worried; hurt by the station master.

“Don’t worry, you’re not useless. You’ll show them, you’ll show them all.”


The station rocked from the blast.

“Scrap it all!” The station master screamed. “Line A is under assault by Decepticons! Three batteries are down! Blast! Where are those Minicons?! Rectifier!”

Rectifier furiously pressed different buttons, turned nobs, and moved levers at a control station. He kept having to make corrections, quickly reverting as he goes for the intended ones. He was trying to keep up but there was so much.

“Rectifier!” The station master hurls again. “Blast it, I need those Minicons at Line A!”

“There’s too many! I—I can’t! They’re needed—“

“I don’t care! Just get them over there! Or better yet, I’ll send you and your worthless toys over there!”

Worthless! Worthless! Worthless! You’re worthless! Time waster! Worthless toys!

“Worthless? Worthless?! Heh, heh. Heh hehha ha ha ha.” Rectifier collapses to his knees, laughing.

The station master runs over to him, picks him up, and punches him across the face. “Get ahold of yourself! Blast it, we don’t have time for this, we’re at war! How is this funny?!”

Rectifier’s dazed eyes look up as he laughs up Energon. He looks down at his old master and laughs out, “Cause I’ takin’ to dead Autobots.”


The station master drops Rectifier and looks down at his chest. There’s a hole in there. How did a–?

Bang bang bang

The station master’s chest and head explode all the while Rectifier laughs nervously. The road foreman jumps out of seat and shouts, “What?! NO!” Though it was too late and soon he finds himself riddled with holes. Rectifier starts laughing louder, more uncontrollably as he kicks around his enemies. All the while his chest insignia shifts form.

“Worthless?! Worthless! Oh yes! How worthless I am! How worthless are the Mini-Cons! And now you need them! Now they’re valuable! But look whose worthless now! Look who’s-!” Rectifier pauses for a moment in a fit of laughter. “Yes. Yes! He will be so pleased!”

Rectifier jumps over to one of the panels and inserts several commands.
“Hello? Yes! Tell lord Megatron and the station is his! A grateful gift of his new ally! Yes! Thank you! Ha ha!”

The giggling madman looks up at the screens showing all the states of the lines. He smiled as he opened up lines and issued a new command. They would be his and his alone. Only he cared about them, they should only belong to him.
“All Mini-Cons, retreat! Report back to the station immediately! Hah ha ha ha!”

Lights barely flicker away the darkness overhanging the once proud station. The walls were painted with bullet holes and gashes, parts and remains littered the place. Rectifier glanced at the mural, so many were cut out from the picture. Including many Mini-Cons, which saddened him most. He had lost so many of them, so many of his precious toys. How did it go so wrong? His routes and plans were impeccable, the Autobots should have never been able to—

“Rectifier,” The holographic Simulus called again. “Megatron is not pleased with you or your Minicons’ results. He is going to put—“

“I know, I know!” Rectifier pleaded. “Just one more chance! I have a new plan! A new mission! This one surely will help lead Megatron to victory!”

Simulus didn’t believe him, but shrug and said, “Fine, one more try. Good luck.”

Rectifier grimaces as the hologram vanishes. He really needed a victory, he need something to prove himself. They weren’t worthless, they were far more than they seemed!

Hearing some small footsteps, Rectifier turns around to see that one of his favorite remaining teams had return. He scopes up Railgun, Tie-Grabber, and Machbreaker, giving them all a crushing hug before flopping them on the desk.

Smiling with a maniacal laugh he says, “Welcome home my Minicons! You’re just in time! I have another track for you to follow! I hope you’re ready, make me proud.”

“I don’t understand, what happened?” Rectifier sobbed, hung over on the console. “Where did you go? Why aren’t you back? My Minicons….My Minicons, were are you? Hello? Hello?”

There is no answer.

Rectifier looks at the formless shells surrounding him and all he can hear is them still calling him worthless. Worthless. Time waster. Pathetic. Should be sent to the scrap heap. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless.

“Ha ha ha.” Rectifier lifts one of his revolvers to his head. “It’s funny, you’re right. I’m worthless. I’ve been worthless all along. I should end that.”


Rectifier is still holding the revolver to his head. “No. No! I’m better than you! We’re better than you! So what if they’re gone! I can still pull this back! I can!”


Rectifier slumped back and slides off the console. A bot walks up to it and starts pressing buttons.

“Autobots, this is Stimulator, the station is ours. Yeah, Rectifier is dead. Understood, will get these trains rolling out again.”