Red Goalie Studios

Hey there pals and whatever.
I hope not to make a habit out of this, but seeing as most popular BioTubers are either inactive or leaving it’s as good a’time as any to promote lesser known people making Bionicle videos.

So go check out RedGoalieStudios

He’s an cool guy with his own series and he also makes lots of G1 revamps.

Like this one I guess I dunno whatever.

I also did voice acting for him but my mic quality was so dang bad I want to rip out my own vocal cords


This seems pretty interesting. :smile:

This guy’s gr8. I can attest.

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That’s a cool Reidak moc, but the music makes me want to be deaf.

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Red Goalie?
Ahh…I remember. He subscribed to me a while back. Great guy.


that Reidak is pretty cool

he made a new video today!