Red Hunter: My first technic-bodied MOC

Red Hunter was going to start out as a bipedal monster with General grievous legs and an alligator-like face with large horns. I never could find a face style that suited what I wanted so I decided to change up the character. The original color scheme was never finalized but I wanted it to be colorful. After buying the Red Miru I decided that green would be a good color to go with it.
Red Hunter and his monster predecessor were always envisioned to be a big game hunter who used fear tactics and short-range weaponry to defeat his prey, therefore, he only carries two daggers as weapons.

Red Hunter retained the large horns from his original design ideas. Since he's supposed to be a very skilled and fit hunter, I wanted him to have a slightly slim body and strong legs. While the arms are simple, I feel that they convey the slim but fit body design nicely. His leg design is my personal favorite part of him.
I wanted the body to be as custom made as possible. The Green Nuva chest piece was the piece I modeled his body around, due to this, his entire head and Nuva chest piece is connected to the rest of the body by one pin, this part barely moves as I have secured it as tightly as possible.

Lastly, you may be wondering, "Why is his color scheme so bright if he's supposed to be a hunter?" This is the case because he wants to be seen by his prey, he is the type of hunter who likes to induce fear and cause his prey to flee.

Red Hunter is powerful being that hunts people for personal enjoyment. If he was put canonically in the G2 storyline, he would be of kin to Umarak and have a high interest in hunting the Toa for no reason other than a challenge.


I Rather like the execution of the color scheme here. Not bad.

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I think the body looks really good. The miru looks great.


the color scheme makes me think of a watermelon

also the build is cewl


Looks cool, I like the colour scheme.

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The swords when not in use give a really good look to the body

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Nice MOC. The color scheme is nice but it could use some more black (or less black depending on how you look at it). Outside of that the torso is quite blocky, so that could use some more work. But other than that nice work.

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The color scheme looks weird but that might be from the quality of the pictures

yeah I didn't have a real camera on hand so I just used a phone. It looks better in person.

I got to admit this looks impressive for a first time Technic-Bodied MOC.
Nice ears.

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This guy's color scheme is really cool! The overall moc is great too.

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