Red Krana

Does anyone here on the boards have krana they are willing to sell? I'm specifically looking for a red krana Za.

Also interested in CA, Vu, and Xa. (will accept other colors for these.)

The only red Krana I have is a Yo if you're interested in that.

I had a Yo once, it came with my Tahnok. Krana Yo looks like the awkward phase krana with its derpy snout looking thing. I always picture it photoshopped onto bad prom photos.

I'm gonna decline on your offer but thanks for responding.


That kind of fits the name.

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I actually need a blue Krana of any sort, my Tahnok is missing one and I feel he's incomplete without it.

I own all 02 krana but I'm not given them up:p

The swarms will come for you and repossess their brethren.


I am Indigogeek, creator of MNOG The Bohrok Swarms. I MADE the swarm


I don't own a single krana, but I want one. I also own a Bohrok frankensteined together from various bits of others that I got from a friend. I stuck a Shadow Leech in it's head, just to have something.



Hey i have Za Ca Vu and Xa, what are you giving for them?

What colors? Also I just discovered what bricklink was a just a little after I made this topic and they got some cheap kranas.


I own one. But, I'll need a trade.

You name it i got it. smile

I have one now

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I'm alright with this topic being locked.