Red Power Brick Mythran Temple MOC

Here lies the remains of my Lego Creator days.

I was a Lego Videogame Nerd. Red Power Bricks, WHOO!

Basically I came up with a LU/Clutch Powers/Lego Movie-ish Idea. No use keeping this MOC to myself.


It's nice. The coloring of the temple seems a little off though. I would just make the temple the cliche stone beige.

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Love the way it looks!

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*Resists urge to break computer screen in attempt to collect red brick *


Here's a situational concept: You collect the Red Power Brick only to have the statues break through the glass and try to kill you.

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The blue seems off, but everything else looks great.

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This is Amazing!

That's one of the coolest Red Brick Areas I've ever seen.

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@SwagMeister @LurkingEhlek It's based off of the Nexus Temple in Lego Universe:

It used a lot of blue. -_-

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