Red Rahkshi Bioformer

First off; thus is inspired by Drscorpionx's rakshi riders but with my own style.

I liked the original idea of the rakshi and I really liked the rakshi riders, but I personally thought it would look better if it had a more rakshi speeder alt mode so I made this. The container still opens in both forms and I kept the general look of a rakshi in both forms.

His stand isn't really needed, but it adds filling to the legs in speeder mode and just looks better for display.


The rocket/jet mode looks much better than the others. I think you should keep the head facing up in that mode to further streamline it.

The robot mode looks has a bit too much kibble for my tastes, but this is a pretty cool MOC.

The last couple of pictures look really good, but the humanoid form is a little clustered and unimpressive. Maybe fix that a bit and then you'd have something really great here, but so far so good!