Red space ship

The space ship the red comet, red baron and red is the fastest color.

I made this over a day and just wanted to show it to you guys.


Best auto correct the description

But the ship looks great

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There’s a small error in the first sentence…

The MOC itself is really cool!

I like the subtle difference between the shades of red that give added depth.

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I’d add greater detail on the back. Specifically an engine rocket.

I like it! You get mad props for making me hum the Red Dwarf theme tune.

dose it have any cool features?

dose it hold a minifigure?

well i guess it looks nice

also red is a color of a slug…

I like the inclusion of a gray stripe, although I feel the ship itself could use more greebles (ie a communications dish, battle turrets, etcetera)

Are you going for a sleek look? Because it looks rather cool like that.

@ToaSonus There is a engine at the back but the part i use is white and doesn’t fit. I will add a picture when i find a good part to use.

@Craig_B It was not my intent to go for a sleek look but i am glad you like it.

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Very Naboo esque, I love it

Nice design!

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Fits all criteria well.

looks like a spaceship 9/10 too much red