Red Star Zombies Series: Deathcharger Lhikan

“Quantum Superposition-- the ability to appear in multiple states at once, such as being both alive… and dead. May the Great Spirit have mercy on their souls, because that is a luxury you no longer have, survivor. Now run.”

As my take on the conceptual nightmare Greg Farshtey thought up, I present the undead soul of my favorite Bionicle character of all time-- Deathcharger Lhikan.

The Red Star Zombies idea, for those not in the know, is a scrapped storyline Greg Farshtey thought of involving the undead on the Red Star as a “space zombie” storyline. As such, I decided to zombify my favorite resident of the Red Star using motifs of my favorite zombie video game of all time–

Ever played Left 4 Dead 2?

You’ll recognize the reference I’m making in the name of this topic if you’ve ever played L4D2 competitively or even just with clever, experienced friends. :relieved: War flashbacks to all those windows in Chapter 1 of Dead Center

Why the Charger in particular? Well…

Do you remember how Lhikan died?

Thus, I haunt my beloved hero with his cause of death for all eternity… by ‘infecting’ him with the Shadow Hand that ended him. That’s my take on the Red Star’s zombification process due to the revival failure –

The body treads the line between two states, the living form and the form of death. What killed Lhikan is now a part of him.

Why is his ‘clean’ side silver and blue?

This design was originally meant to cater a “What If?” scenario I had-- what if Lhikan was revived in time for the Battle of Karda Nui?

I give you Overdrive Lhikan, the Silver Flame Phantoka.

Think of it as a Gandalf the White moment. :wink:

Furthermore, a plain gray and silver body contrasts well with the ‘Shadow Half’, emphasizing that for the zombification.

This was an absolute joy to make. I love Lhikan so much, I gave him a scope to make him look… cool. :snowflake:

Onto the selling point-- the Charger Arm. Inspired by my favorite Marvel character, Venom(and kinda his son Carnage), I wanted to emulate both the Shadow element and the “zombie infection” using tendrils.

Potential Concerns(FAQ)

Buildable? Yes.
Custom pieces? No.
Paint? Absolutely.
Turaga tho? I never said this build was a Toa. He’s just Lhikan. Moreover, RSZ is non-canon; I don’t care.

Weight? Ok here’s the thing–

  • It’s the Charger-- that hand is meant to dangle, and drag the whole body down; that’s why I applied waist articulation. You can center the weight of that arm this way.
  • Don’t get me wrong-- I want him to be able to stand up. Realistically, he still can, just as well as the Charger itself does. Keep that arm in front, and hunch that back.

So let’s break that down for everyone’s enlightenment(thank you @WholesomeGadunka for the advice and help):

These torso’s support system for the CCBS spine has two main configurations for posing on your display. The usage of either will depend on your preference with regards to posing the overall figure, but either technique is possible, legal, and stable enough.

Configuration One adheres to my original intended design for the character – a brute who bends over by default due to the infection literally and figuratively dragging him down. With the giant arm symbolizing the burden he carries and the cause of his death that haunts him, he is deformed in nature. This configuration allows for a more flexible articulation of he CCBS spine, letting the figure twist and bend over like the Left 4 Dead 2 Charger.

Configuration Two is for the traditional builders out there who appreciate, or maybe even prefer, their figures having a capability of standing upright. This configuration also allows the torso to twist, but bend over only slightly.

Now some of you Eagle Eyes may be wondering if this entire support system stresses those Technic connectors near the neck as shown in these physically recreated samples. The answer is yes and no. The stress only applies to the physical recreation here, because it’s missing the vertical axle flows that keep them from bending like that. (See the hoses in the Studio Screenshot of the Torso). Those don’t negate the stress entirely, but they still counter the weight of the stress to a degree.

IO file over here. :beers:

Cheers, gathered friends! :zombie: See you all at the Fanon Contest!!


i love it!

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Now this is a concept i’ve seen before, but only executed well here.
also waa y u no make spy kids reference :sob:

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I’ve simped for Carmen Cortez long enough

… but yes-- glory to giant cyborg arms :beers:

really cool concept and execution

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This is a really awesome Moc! Given all the mystery surrounding it, the Red Star was always really interesting to me. It’s cool to see some of the concepts that Greg thought up being explored here, even if it’s not entirely canon. Great concept, and an equally great build!

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Phantoka and Corrupted Lhikan are both great ideas, but both together is insane! I love it!

(Also, I’ve been curious about that “space zombie” thing, as where The Powers That Be was heading. The first I heard of it was on TV Tropes of all places, and then I never saw it again on any dedicated Bionicle site. Does anyone know when Greg said that?)

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Do a version wher is corruption is on both sides

More like Lhikan of Borg.

I like the colour split going on with this.

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Consider this… necroposting.

The DuckBricks’ Fanon Contest for the Red Star Zombies has begun!
If you’re seeing this, please do enter now! Join the Halloween party we’re throwing on Mata Nui’s lawn!

See Duck’s latest video for more details!


that poster looks insane!
u got my vote dude


OH BOI! It’s finally time, the io file is here! <3
Gonna build him soon.

Also good luck @Synnova32 i hope it will get high place!


Getting major Dead Space vibes from this poster. Love it.



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