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Oh, so that's what the picture is.

Yeah, lots of speculation on the Autopsy topic itself.

Thanks for sharing, man.

Not to sure what it means, though


I thought it was just a generic human in the video, thank you for showing us this (if this is the image in the video).

That "blind Maori man" is a Tohunga... probably to reinforce how we don't like change as Lego changed the name of the villagers from "Tohunga" to "Matoran"

So yeah, that probably is the same image...


ya I think your right but I think that it means that the Māori did not react well to the use of their language in BIONICLE, or it could be a reference to how they still have their old culture.

Let's just hope they don't debunk this whole thing and ruin all of our fun.

That may or may not have been the picture he used, but that whole creepy ending sequence was really just to further drive home his point. It was effective too!

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= Illuminati - NSA

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Moving to Pandemic Panda category....

Var, is this true?

Did you really use the image?
Are you really Illuminati?
Are you the NSA?

Yes and No : p

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Nah, looks like some monkey to me. Maybe one of the promotional planet of the apes images?

so it was the Māori man!!!

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It's likely a metaphor as there are not many Maori left, mostly because of changes in the world?