Red vs Blue artwork

So these are two drawings I made, based off the popular webseries, Red vs Blue. Altthough I uploaded these two to an existing topic, I decided they were different enough from the other drawings in that topic to get their own.

This first one is of my favorite character, The Meta (Agent Maine). Trying to get his body proportions to be as accurate as possible was an absolute pain, though the end result looks great IMO

This next one is a work in progress, a drawing of Caboose. Drawing his helmet as accurate as possible was absolute chaos, though I managed to get it the right way and am currently shading in the rest of the drawing.


so good…

Awesome drawings!

aw yeah, love RvB stuff like this :smile:

correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t he have an different shoulder armor than that?

Nope, that is the same shoulder armor he wore in Season 10

I’m used to the asymmetrical shoulders.

This is amazing!