Red Yellow Green

This was for a contest on flicker called bio cup the them was to revamp old sets
of these guys

i really like them and i may make more down the line


so, the stoplight crew?


Spotlight crew?

get it?

'cause red, yellow, green?

Image result for stoplight


Where’s my slowclap gif…

Anyway great MOCs. I love how vibrant they are.


=0 i didnt think of that

I remember those guys. I wanted to get them when I was little, except when I actually went to the store to pick them up, it was something like a year after they went out of production. Silly little Jayzor didn’t understand release schedules. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, very cool! I love how you expanded on the weapons.

The head construction is so unique.

Eyy, I loved those little guys. I should put them together again.

As soon as I saw them I thought of the Creator Designer Set Robots, which proves that you’ve done a great job with these!

They’re all great, but the red one is my favorite

These are great.

Nice! Green is my favorite.

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