Red & Yellow ‘spineless’ Skakdi helmet concepts

So yeah… I may or may not have accidently become more invested in this idea than I thought…

So here’s the basics for these two:
Reds are like noobs, easily beaten, crude, sloppy and all around not the best machines or weapons. Looser, more damaged helmets, much easier to knock off, and they’re easy to beat. But, there’s more of them than any others.
Why? Because they never lose men for more than a day, and even if they don’t get them back they make up for it in double or more. They’ll swarm bases, unleash their entire forces in all out kamikaze attacks that are nearly impossible to defend against just due to the sheer onslaught from the incoming sea of reds.
So yeah, they’re noobs, they’re weak, they hold less skill, but they have just as much pride as any of them and they will always get their revenge given time.

Yellows were once the largest group, best armour, sturdiest helmets, nearly impossible to knock off compared to others, but they were weak, hungry, left in an area where, sure, food was delivered, but never enough to feed all of them and despite their numbers and weapons, so long as the other teams held their siege they weakened, leaving them vulnerable for when the entire might of each team came down upon them.
If there are anymore left they’re in hiding, waiting and planning for the day when they can get their revenge, but, really, how could anyone, even them, have survived that attack? Right?


i’m guessing a black cross axel holding a connecter with a circle pin on the head joint
and the hero factory mask connected to the cross axel connecter part

Close but no, it uses one of these:

And the Furno mask is attached to the pin connector part, while the Evo helmet is quite literally just popped on (somehow it fits like that and has a pretty sturdy connection).

The reason they’re like this is so the helmets can be knocked off, which is how they’re supposed to function based off of theses guys AU thingamajig I made.
(Check out this if you wish to know more: Vozun - Green territories mechanical genius/repairman & longest held soldier - #3 by KAI_BORG )

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Ey, it’s ok, would’ve actually done that if it wasn’t for the ‘ability to fall/be knocked off’ fucntion I wanted to incorporate.

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