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How many of you guys use Reddit? Where so you spend your time there?


I don’t have an account, because I can’t be bothered to get a Proxy yet (7).

But I regularly visit it with my Friend.

I spend time on may Subredits, One of which is the Ask reddit.

Most of my other free time is deciding if I want to take a peep into 4chan again.

I’m on /r/dota2 most of the time, sometimes if I’ve read everything on there, then I’ll look at the front page.

From reddit :D! spend most of my time on r/thewalkingdead and r/civ

That’s good webbsite. I have conquered it.

I spend quite ab it of time on /r/civ as well. I’m also on /r/zelda and /r/bioniclelego

I visit /r/lego and /r/bioniclelego most of the time but I’m subscribed to about 50 different subreddits.

r/cringe and r/wince are my favorite places ever to view funny images, 10/10 would recommend visiting.

Just kidding. Don’t. Ever.

I generally stay around r/Pokemon or r/Halo


Have you guys checked out r/montageparodies?

Fun stuff.

I’m usually somewhere on /r/RWBY, /r/smashbros, /r/fireemblem

Browsing post be like:

I’m kind of annoyed by Reddit, especially since I was just on there randomly scrolling and then someone put some YouTube video link and it was something that shall not be spoken of on the boards. This is why I don’t like Reddit.

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It was some YouTube video that probably was, I never watched it but I just looked at the title, and I just thought “I’m out” XD.

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I’m not really sure since I don’t actually have one. I’ve just been on there every know and then to look at discussions and stuff. If you have a problem with NSFW stuff they might have filters (I don’t really know since I don’t have an account). If they don’t then I wouldn’t recommend it. On the other hand I have found interesting discussion on there.

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While it seems good for quality control, the upboat downboat system really does ruin things.
“imaginary internet points”, so to speak.

Yes. Bionicle subs and other personal interests.