Redesign: Tahu Uniter of Fire

So, after I got Tahu and Ikir a could nights ago, I wanted to see if I could redo Tahu himself using only him, Ikir and the 2015 version of Tahu. What I got is what I think is a simple combination of the two:

My goal was to keep him as close to the Uniter form as possible, but adding a little more red from the previous model and adding a little flair. I also wanted to keep the wings from Ikir in, but at the same time I like the look of the gold mask without the helmet.

I also wanted to give him larger weapons (mostly because I liked the previous ones, but also was too lazy to take apart the new ones). Extending the fire swords felt like a good idea, although some might say they are a tad too long.

As for secondary weapons, I felt that Ikir's feet would actually make perfect gauntlets/claws for the Toa of Fire to use, and could double as very large silver hands that kind of break the color scheme.

But that's not all! I also wanted to do a little bit with the back. I know it may not look like much, but a little more armor on the back under the wings I felt was a good move too.

I was thinking of putting more armor on the arms, specifically the upper arms under the shoulder pads, but I found it restricted the movements more than it already is (I dont mess around with the joints too much, so they still stick quite a fair bit for me).

So what do you guys think? Have any of you thought of using only the sets provided to improve the look of one or both yet? I'd love to see if you can improve on my idea or see some of the other Toa/Masters!


Maybe not the best upgrades (for example, the swords look way cool, except for the fires at the hilts) but this is at least two knocks better than the official set.

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(whoops, you triggled me)

That aside, looks pretty cool. Swords are too big though.

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That sword is really cool, never thought of doing that. My Tahu will definitely be receiving a weapons upgrade! 😀

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Holy freaking swords...

Well, he looks alright. Not sure if I like the chest armor on his legs, though. I myself have them flipped around on my 2015 Tahu, but that's probably just me who likes it that way.

The claw hands are cool, but they stick out really awkwardly.

His knees look too thin because of the armoring.

The wings also look a little too high, but that's a simple fix.

Pretty good, though.

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To be fair, I am always on the fence about the leg armor. I personally like the body pieces there (I can't explain why but I like the bell-bottom look. Tahu is definitely bringing disco back), but at the same time it can look a little odd sticking out.

And I agree with the hands. I really only did it because after posing with the swords I wanted to see what he would look like without them, but as I said I am too lazy to disassemble the swords and I thought the silver hands from Tahu would look out of place on a Red/Gold figure (natural reaction then was for bigger silver hands!).

And my reasoning for the wings being so high was that having them lower felt like they were hidden behind the shoulder armor too much. Stupid excuse, I know, but I feel the wings are too small to carry him anyway so they would almost just be there for looks.

And yeah, big swords! I was tempted to just have him with one as a great sword, but as I said before, I'm lazy.

Exactly what I said when I bought him...O_o

Perfectly fine with that then.