RedHuna MOCs and Story

So here it is! My new self MOC!

Also a happy holidays!

Finally I will post a backstory later after I get a good story! Finally I wanna know from you guys! What should I post next? A sidekick, a villain, or this guy with a Arsenal of weapons and masks? Most votes will be first!
That’s it! Thanks for reading and plz use some positive/constructive criticism! This is Red! See ya!


looks nice
my only comment is his right shin- im guessing it’s supposed to be broken armor?
it looks a bit too smooth compared to the other shin

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I really like it, one critique, the thighs, maybe reverse them? Have the back be the front?

So, what is his name? If you don’t have one, I’m great with names.

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I vote for a sidekick.

Hmmm…his shoulders look really tiny from the front; maybe you could widen them slightly?

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0/10 the huna isn’t red. /s

Its ok.


I really like that diesel/steampunk look you’ve put in, I think you should pursue that in your next version.


Like the steampunk- esq aesthetic. Now while I am a fan of aysymmetry, I do feel those parts you used for the left leg are a tad smooth next to the right leg. Keep the aysymmetry though find some parts that closely resemble the aesthetic of the right leg.

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