RedMageGizmo's Crumby MOC Topic

Hey guys, just a quick art topic where I show off my dumb MOCs. I’m gonna run this like a normal art topic, where I update it with new stuff every so offten.

09/07/2015: Mini Vorahk:
Let’s start off with something humble. I found out HF torso and Hordika chesplates work pretty good together, so I started building off of it and got this.

Black and Silver is what I had to work with from the torso, so I added Dark-Grey to break it up. Though it’s kinda bland the rahkshi were always a little darker than the toa.

Posability wise his arms are kinda stiff and he’s somewhat dificult to balance. His legs are the piraka shins with metru joints, so he gets a nice RoM.

He can even store a kraata in his back by presuring it on some technic pieces.

I don’t have too many black pin-axels so Eljay is going to murder me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, this guy isn’t my best work, just something I made for fun.

Hey internet people, I just mashed together Gali, Kivoda, and Scrub Warrior to make What I like to call Skull Siren.

She is my attempt to make a 15$ villian to fight Gali, based off the Mermaids and Sirens from mythology. She is ment for aquatic locomotion thus having a fishtail and dorsal fin. Skull Sirens are LoSS’s navy, keeping the island of Okoto blockaded and terrorizing the denizens of The Reigion of Water.

Mimicing the design of the Skull villians, she is made with a mostly silver and trans blue design, integrating the weapons and armor that are exclusive to her spooky counterparts. Her design however is built more horrizontally.

Feedback is apreciated, but not nescessary.

Thanks everyone for being so frank with me, I don’t think I’m ment for MOCing just yet. Not enough pieces, not enough skill. I’ll eventually get back into it, but I need more practice. Gonna abandon thread for now.


I guess he’s fine for what he is.

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The moc is fine for what it is.

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I think this is what the stars rahkshi should have been like.

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That’s an HF 1.0 torso though…

@SwagMeister @Grievous “Kra” is prefix for shadow. I though 1.0 was the same as STARS/Shadow Matoran Mold…

@Keravnos @TBT_Emerald @SwagMeister thanks!

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They’re actually called the Av-Matoran build.

There was two sides to it though, the Av-torso/limbs and the Kra-torso/limbs

It’s a general name.

They’re more referred to as the Av-Matoran build, just for political-correct-ness sakes.

Plural’s Quick Review:

  • the idea of a Rahkshi/Hordika mixture is pretty cool
  • The Color Scheme is OK, but the White Rahkshi Spine is pretty Meh

I would give this MOC a 7/10.
It looks pretty cool, but I feel like its a bit basic.

Good Job! :grinning:

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@Plural_Scrub thanks! (It’s silver, there was just glare.)
@SammySpartan @SwagMeister K, I just wanted to dilliniate it a little mor, but I’ll change it.


Oh… I’m gonna change my score to an 8/10.

Great Job! :smiley:

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Actually, you know what, that’s not an av-matoran torso at all. It’s a hero factory 1.0 torso.




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I really like how there’s an attachable kraata.

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yes, but they were all av-matoran.
hence the name.

moc is bland, arms are limited.

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He looks pretty sweet!

That’s unnecessary :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks neat, but those arms need to get fixed.

I’ll try to custom build something because most small pieces don’t have elbow joints. I was thinking something ccbs or brick built, after all I’m still trying to develop a style. This was pretty much just for fun.