Redstripepakaris lego gun requests

Title says it all. you may request lego guns, and ill build them in

have at it people!

make a crossbow that shoots a zamor

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it works, trust me

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more angles?

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Make a double barrel shotgun that can fire zamor spheres,has a grappling hook doom style,and opens up like a double barrel shotgun.

It hinges at the tan pins connected to the lime liftarms, allowing the lower liftarm to open and close, and “pinch” the Zamor. Far as I can tell, it works exactly like the Thornax launcher, squeezing the Zamor until it pops out.

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ah yes that’s how it works I just wanted more angles of the thing

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How about a lightstone rifle?

make a punt gun.

inika scale.

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a bow that shoots a thornax

Make a son of a gun