References in Rio 2

I recently watched Rio 2 with my younger sister, and noticed some references.

1 Red vs. Blue. The Blue Macaws have territory they share with mostly red Parrots that need the territory for food

2 ALIENS. One character I think who’s name is Roberto, yells “It’s game over man, game over!” When humans start tearing down the forest similar to that one dude that survives the xenomorph encounter.

3 Ghostbusters. One human, when the birds strike back, says “I ain’t afraid of no bird!” Before being attacked by birds. I haven’t seen the original ghostbusters in a while, but I’m pretty sure it’s their motto

What do you people think?


I sorta thought when red vs blue in soccer. Germany has red on their flag and Argentina has blue. And just saying kinda fishy Germany and red won… Just a theory…


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