Refir, Toa of Gravity (Self-MOC)

Hi! Long-time lurker here. I’ve finally gained the courage to post a moc!

Refir, Toa of Gravity:

There are some elements of her that I want to improve in the future, namely the posability, and maybe beef up the limbs a bit more – however, these things are hard to achieve while still keeping her Toa-sized, so I decided to see if I could at least get the appearance right first. I’d say I’ve captured the spooky enchantress look quite well.

I don’t have any sort of backstory for her yet, but I assure you that she’s probably cool and can hover around and beat up Tahu and stuff. I posed her holding his mask just to add an extra splash of emotion.

sorry but rahkshi heads

In a neutral pose.

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Please tell me what you think, and offer suggestions on how to improve her, if you have any. I’d be more than happy to return to this moc in the future.


I think you should make the legs longer

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This is good.

This is surprisingly good. Colors are all pretty together (though i’d like to see some more purple in future, and maybe trade out the red pins for black). The spikes on the back are a nice touch, gives me some Hela (from Thor: Ragnarok) vibes.

Also you manage to give her a feminine figure without going overboard, so that’s a plus. I still think the midsection is a bit too skinny, but I dunno how you could change that.

Only other gripe is the use of the Kraakhan, which is a bit stale. Maybe try a Pakari, just to see how it would look.

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There are a few reasons why I’m adamant about keeping the Kraakhan, mainly because it’s so large and smaller masks didn’t look right proportionally. I also just don’t have a Pakari to replace it with :P, Maybe I’ll try building a custom mask or buy a black mask off of eBay instead.

I agree with you on the purple, I will find a way to distribute it a bit more. The waist will also be looked at in the future. :slight_smile:

More purple, thicker waist, different mask, other than that it is good.

Horns are placed in a cool way