Regarding Cole...

Earlier today, news surfaced that Kirby Morrow, who voiced Cole through 13 seasons of Ninjago, has unexpectedly died. I was sad to hear this news, since I always liked Cole, and I was really glad he got a season in Master Of The Mountain.

But what does this mean for Cole going forward? I don’t think the show will write Cole out or kill him off, since he’s been one of the central characters for many years-even before Lloyd came on the scene. The only other scenario I can think of is hiring a new voice actor for Cole. But, whatever happens, we still appreciate Kirby Morrow’s contributions to the Ninjago franchise.


Aw, sucks to hear that. Cole was always my favorite of the originals.


I just saw the news on Twitter about him passing away, it’s so awful! I was a fan of a bunch of his work.

I do agree with you though, I think they will most likely hire a new voice actor to play Cole, considering that he is still a fairly popular character.


May he rest in peace, whatever happens Kirby’s legacy will never be forgotten :sob:


This is devastating news! My thoughts and prayers are with Kirby’s friends and family…

Cole was one of my favorite Ninja, and I’m glad Kirby got a chance to have the spotlight in Season 13.

I personally can’t imagine anyone filling his shoes, so I might prefer Cole to leave the show rather than have a new voice actor.

Once again, Kirby will never be forgotten.

Let’s keep the legacy of Ninjago alive #forKirby


What exactly was the cause of his death?

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Still unknown

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So they could do one of three things.

  • Have cole die in the show (Mr. Hooper scenario)
  • Re-use old voice lines for cole until they find a better solution (Princess leia scenario)
  • get a new voice actor (Big Bird scenario)

EDIT: Ok for anyone wondering what I mean by this, each of these characters voice actors/actors died, each one handled it differently.


I’ve heard it’s possible that his lines for season 14 and possibly even 15 have already been recorded, I have no idea how true this is though.


I think it’s more likely that his S14 lines have already been recorded, and not S15.

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