Regarding Matoran awareness of GSR surroundings?

Hi Greg,

As a fellow Gregg myself I apologize in advance for how loaded this is gonna get.

So we know that the Matoran didn’t realize they were inside a giant robot for most of the series, but what I’ve been wondering is, were most of the general populous aware of things like the islands being inside underground domes, and that the stars and skies above weren’t actually real?

Or did they just kinda naturally assume they couldn’t pass over stuff like the Great Barrier, figured it was too dangerous to take any aircraft up to the “heavens,” and didn’t realize it was all artificial until after the true nature of Mata Nui was revealed?

Also, did this have any bearing on how the Toa Metru reacted to the island of Mata Nui? Like, the Mata Nui skies had none of the “divine intervention,” per say, of the Metru Nui skies beyond the spirit stars, so how did characters like Nuju react to that, assuming they were aware of the difference at all?

  1. I would recommend to you an old Star Trek TOS episode called “For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky,” where everyone lives inside a sphere and doesn’t realize it because that is how they have always lived.

  2. I think there would have been some reaction, but they already knew they were going to world outside their own, so they had to expect some differences.