Regarding the Nova Blast


This might have been asked to death and then some, but I’m curious.

When it comes to the Nova Blast, element pending, how big is the area of effect?

Per The BS01 Wiki:

“Although the effects will vary, the radius of damage that can be inflicted through a Nova Blast released by an average Toa will encompass an area larger than the city of Metru Nui.”

I imagine the Nova Blast unleashed by a more powerful Toa, such as the Toa Nuva, would have a larger range, as evidenced by Gali’s Nova Blast in the Toa Nuva Blog, which leveled the entire island of Karzahni.

To add on to Toa_Heatwave’s response: Metru Nui is “47.6 by 24 kio, or in Earth measurements, 40.51 miles (long) by 20.43 miles (wide) or 65.2 km long by 32.88 km” ( The Island of Karzahni has similar area according to this map:

To add on to this add-on, my home state of Rhode Island is 40 miles long and 30 miles wide, to put things in a real-world perspective…

A Toa could literally wipe my home state off the map.

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Ah so the great beings made the Toa out of spare nukes.


Do we have a source on those measurements? I’m inclined to not blindly trust anything on that wiki (it’s not exactly BS01).

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I Decided to check BS01: They give the same measurements, in the first paragraph under landscape.

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