Reign, the Undead Armour

Reign was a Toa of Sonics who accepted adaptive armour from a demon so that he could slay a dragon threatening his island. After the deed was done, he offered to return the armour, however the demon refused and instead killed the Toa. The armour now controls itself, an emotionless, unwavering war machine with no tolerance for anything vaguely illogical. As it wanders the vast expanses of its homeland it destroys all who dare to defy it. The armour suit constantly upgrades itself rendering it nigh indestructable, save for a weakness in the mask.

Bust View

Full body view

Action pose

Without his blades

Picking up Pohatu to throw him or break his back

After destroying Kopaka

Villains crew

Legally required back view

Shoulder area up close


Bonkle Hulk Buster, basically. :stuck_out_tongue: Pretty good, nice and bulky. Do you have a black chest add-on? The gunmetal one sticks out pretty bad.


So he's the Bane to Pohatu's Batman.

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@Brunamal Thanks! I do indeed have a black chest add on but I wanted to even out the colour scheme by adding the extra gun metal. And yes, he's the Hulkbuster but a zombie, and a Cyberman as well.

@Hutere_The_Toa_of_Air Hmmm, I like this. I might have to animate it.

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So he is Mordekaiser
an Undying Wraith protected by his own Armour

Isn't he from LoL? And no, the armour is self controlling, there's nothing left of the Toa but a fully intact corpse.


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Very MOC, such armour, amaze, wow.



looks awesome, but I think he'd look better with a broadsword rather than the wrist blades


You are one heck of a funny person. :guitar:


I'm gonna go play LoL now.

@TheRed1s Hmm, I made the arm blades because I had all the pieces on hand however I may look into a broad sword.

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actually it was a reference to this:

because the MOC reminds me of Mordekaiser.

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@TheRed1s Ah. I don't even have LoL.

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It is a great MOC man.
I reallly like the look of it.
But I don't really see the undead.

Well it is sort of a suit of armour completely covering said undead. Unsaid?

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Looks really cool!

Thanks, also, nice username.

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