Reinka The Brigadier of Cindaria

"My axe heads shall cleave in the name of Cindaria"

Name: Reinka
A.K.A: The Brigadier of Cindaria
Element: Fire
Occupation: Former Scout in the Argat-Hoko War Now Brigadier of the Cindaria Guard
During the Agart-Hoko War many Willing TOA and Matoran put their sword into the fray for Agart or Hoko. One of these TOA was Reinka of Hoko. though having a Small Posture He done well with his Tasks at hand such as finding flanking points and stealing Valuable Infomation from Koros under Argats rein and helped free them.
after the War Reinka went to Cindaria to retire from the military once and for all...
But it didn't.
Guards escorted him to Tyracent knowing that he had immigrated from Hoko and that he was a Veteran Tyracent gave him the title of Brigadier of Cindaria and two Axes know as the Cindaria will.

He know protects lead the Cindarian Guard into oncoming battles prepared for Death at any moment.

Close Up



His scout training alongside his Axes he uses them for Close Quarters Combat and Ranged by Throwing them at fleeing targets


His legs are a bit too long for his torso. Other than that, he's cool. smile

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I feel his torso doesn't really blend in with his limbs and head, and feel odd

Plural's Quick Review:

  • Color Scheme is Consistent
  • Proportions are pretty Wonky

I would give this MOC a 6/10.

Needs a Bit of Work wink


I actually really like this! Good job!

maybe if there was more black, and maybe silver, I could handle it, but as it is, it's color scheme seems... wonky

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One of your better MoCs IMO.

Thank you and what do you think about the torso

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It works OK; The Mata Torso kind of gives some instant detail. :wink:

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He's simple but he looks cool.

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I really like this, he

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I'm going to agree with the people above about the limbs, but otherwise it's a really good MOC.

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