Reinventing the Boxor

Although the Boxor was created in mata nui always asked me how it would have an improvement made with other elements, the purpose of this creation is to create a machine that is more posable and strong than the set.

I try to preserve the mechanical aspect of the original set and in turn add some extra things, the foot supports are adapted according to where they are. The claws can also simulate the “hit” movement of the original set added to the flexion given by the “skeleton ccbs” that form the forearm.

The controls are designed to adapt to the matoran, therefore the poses of the arms of the boxor can be simulated by the pilot, in the concept these controls also connect with the legs when the matoran simulates the action of the arms when walking.

Separately the boxor has a little extra thing.

In the back section of the vehicle there is a small cabin with a tool

Now nuparu is ready to work!!


I love how mechanical this looks. The use of Technic in here really shines. I love the use of the Visorak pincers and some of the tubes. It really feels like an incredible Mech. Even the feet look robotic enough to be convincing.

I’m not a fan of the Nuparu but that’s just me.


It would be cool to see it have the original function. Anyway, the MOC is great, the Technic works well.

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Some great work here!

Like Chronicler mentioned the technic pieces are used to great effect.


A nice reimagining. One thing the actual Boxor set desperately needed was a bit more of a streamlined appearance. That isn’t to say the odd nature of the machine wasn’t appealing, rather it could’ve cleaned up areas that look like messes of technic. Here you managed to find a more efficient way of conveying the boxing function that doesn’t sacrifice the aesthetics of the machine; still retaining the stumpy feel of the official model.

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Nuparu looks really good.

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Very nice looks much better then the original

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holy crap that’s amazing!

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Seen a few boxor revamps in my time, but i think this one takes the cake. You kept a lot of throwbacks to the original which is always great to see in a revamp and the overall aesthetic is really clean and consistent. Not to mention your matoran build for Nuparu is really nice. Great work man overall :ok_hand:


Saw this on Flickr yesterday.
I really like what you did with the design.
It has a really nice mechanical and industrial look to it.
Great job!

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This moc is absolutely amazing!
The only flaws I see are the blue pins but who cares?
I think this is how G2 should have been imo

Nice job! It really does look better than the original Boxor. The only way you could have made it better is by including more Bohrok parts.

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Nah man, this is gr8. A bit too much of a ‘giant robot’ feel for Bionicle, but good nonetheless.


This is the best boxor revamp ever.

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How much for it? :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s awesome! The only thing I feel is missing is a function to make the arms ‘Box’

Best Boxor I’ve seen yet. GG Bohrok, but you’ve had your run.

Originally I wanted to make a system like those used by tarakava but the arms were too heavy at the time of adding the system, it seemed useless in the robot and very clumsy, but being honest I would have liked to add it. :wink:

Now those are some sick shredder claws! I like the fact that the upper half has mainly orange outer armor while the legs sport grey outer armor.

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WOW, now thats a Boxer revamp! Nice job!

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