Release Trailer: First Impressions!

So, my sleep depravity has led to a super exclusive trailer just for the MakutaFest crowd! We'll be releasing the trailer very soon, but so far, what were your first impressions?


Best part was when you punched the hobo. Hands down.


excellent. looking forward to this a lot.

Seems awesome, completely wasn't expecting that. I'm looking forward to seeing it when its finished, nice work thus far though!


My dreams have finally been fulfilled!

It was pretty fantastic, IMO. It certainly had its issues (like voice acting), but the trailer itself was very solid. I'm amazed it was able to be released at all. GG Kahi.


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Looks awesome to me! Can't wait to see it in better quality, too. Seems to have a story too, and I like things with stories. I'm guessing this was brought on by the media blackout for Biocraft, but I'm not sure. It also looks very time-consuming to make though.

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This show has been in pre-production since I think last October, but BioCraft's media blackout was more of a separate decision. Eljay heads up the BioCraft team and is aided by Var, while I head up the On Air team with Venom and Var helping out as well. Because we have two different people doing most of the leg work on both projects, one isn't necessarily impeded by the other, so On Air isn't going to be replacing BioCraft anytime soon.

It is important to note that BioCraft and On Air are completely different beasts. Filming in a 3D environment, making sure actors do what they're needed to independent from lag and then editing it all together takes a really long time, and Eljay and the BioCraft team are working as hard as they can on it. Me, I can just move my actors on stage and edit everything on canvas, so it's a little easier for me to push out a trailer like this just by myself.

But it still is time consuming =P. I think the last time I checked, just about 40 hours of work went into that trailer, with at least 20 of those hours being Saturday and Sunday.

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This is what a lot of us have been wanting for a while.

I'm not a big fan of the "Bionicle sprite comics" style. The unmoving sprites that clash with the backgrounds is what really turned me off from reading the comics on BZP.

However, seeing TTV members do anything is entertaining for me. The jokes are obviously gonna all be inside jokes, which is great, and the animation looks great from only one animator.

I'm excited regardless.

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I totally get where you're coming from, and we tossed around the idea of doing a stop motion or Machinima series. But this made the most sense. Pretty much everyone on the team have a ton of experience making sprite comics, and we could show more locations (very hard to do with stop motion), jokes/visual gags, and actually get the episodes out on time this way.

I guess we could have gone with traditional animation...but that would postpone On Air from "Before BioCraft" to "After Half Life 3". =P


Our shows are all separated into different teams. We all do different things, which means the On Air team generally doesn't effect the Biocraft team's progress unless its something that the entirety of TTV needs to be a part of, such as filming.

Biocraft will come in due time, but we aren't going to drop everything and stop posting things on our channel just for the sake of Biocraft coming out a bit sooner.

Making content is what we do, we understand how much work it is and how time consuming it is, and we love every single minute of it : p

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I got watch a little but of it but I liked it smile.It was funny XD

The trailer alone was amazing! This series will no doubt be a favorite. Take your time and don't work yourselves out making it!

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Wish I was at Tumafest this year. I was partly, but I missed this. I probably am going to explode with hype with Bionicle, rwby and THIS!!!


Amazing! It does have it's bugs that your well aware of I'm sure, but when I saw it I was at first confused, then surprised, then overjoyed and then dying with laughter. Also the choice in music was very good btw xD

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I really enjoyed the trailer. Especially when siri messed up and everyone freaked out.

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It was awesome! I'm REALLY looking forward to this!

Gathered friends.... LET US BRING BACK THE BIONICLE!!!

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I like nerded out when I saw the trailer man! It was soo sweet!

So cool! I can't wait for the first episode!

Oh, and BioCraft. Can't wait for that either. XP

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