Remake of Evo

This is a remake of Evo (one of the heroes of the breakout series)


This is nice mate! Awesome revamp and love how you made the gun arm removeable!
Evo’s always been my favourite and it’s awesome to see revamps of him!

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Boi he thicc.


He seems a bit too bulky for Evo imo but the moc itself is good

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cannon looks a little janky

he’s the titan versin duh

The moc is pretty good. The chest armour looks a little weird, is it custom painted?
I would also change the hands to yellow, silver looks out of place.

my yellow hands broke…and the chest armor is from Darth Vader

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The cape is a bit much, but other than that, this moc is pure awesome.

Evo became swolvo


Darth Evo

A little too wide to be honest.

W I D E B O I.