Rena Toa of water MOV V2

A MOV of @Toa_Vladin S Rena, Toa of water.
Not too proud of this one, she’s a little awkward looking but stability, posing, colour scheme and weaponry are all great!
I won’t include a back view because it’s literally just a 5long lift arm with some blue pins.

Wapons are a water sword… yeah.
And a AQC-6S. (Auqua combuster 6barrel shotgun)
I imagine the gun working like this:
Water is fed into the gun and is compressed to the point of being solid, put into a strong casing and is shot off. Upon hitting the target the bullet would crack open and the dense water would explode out, creating a long range shotgun.
Like I said, no back coverage.
Thanks for checking her out, criticism welcome!
#####Well, more ways to fix the problem, I know why it’s only meh


I like it, good moc

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The colors are a tad inconsistent. I’d stick to only a couple shades of blue. The build is nice, though. The only thing I’d say is that the hips are a bit wide, while the torso is rather thin.

Also, I love the backdrop. It’s a little distracting, but it looks really cool.


cool really great moc (by the way it is weapons not wapons)

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I think this is a really nice MOC. I like the use of the rare sand blue CCBS shells. I only have one critique: the gold on the chest armor is inconsistent with the rest of the MOC.

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I want that breeze head so bad! XD

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The concept you’re thinking of that involves compressing water to the point of being a solid is called pressure freezing, and, even though it doesn’t really matter, I completely approve lol

I like this MOC. It looks pretty solid. I will say, though, that if the back is boring, why not just cover it up with a plate of some kind?

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@Samtastictogo Wow, that’s really interesting! I basically just improvised it, it’s cool to find out it’s a real thing!
Also, although th is is redundant as I’ve reworked the moc now, adding a plate on he back would look very awkward because it would stick out.
##although th is is redundant as I’ve reworked the moc now,

Hm. If its a technic beam, try putting a dish on it. Something like one of these: