[Render] Dark Hunter Lariska

Lariska is an agile and deadly member of the Dark Hunters in G1 Bionicle universe. Said to be always in motion, performing feats of acrobatics and playing with her many knives, she is one of the best assassins The Shadowed One has in his employment.

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The images above, except for the poster are a part of Digital MOC commission I did for Tumblr user Ghost-Mantis.

The model itself is based on a drawing made by Just-A-Drawing Cat from Tumblr.


I think the most defining feature here is the head. It looks so organic but fits very well. Spectacular job!

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@SwagMeister Thank you! Also @everyone sorry if there was any confusion at first, I’ve messed up the formatting.

Pretty cool!

Another great render! It really captures the look of the drawing. This should totally be the canon MOC form of Lariska–with the drawing being the canon art of her, of course!

I love how you combine different systems so flawlessly in these MOCs! You can tell looking at them that the creation would be incomplete without each piece, which just goes to show how well they all work together!

Thank you! I’ve had years of practice and I am still not perfect, so I will keep doing what I’m doing. =)


I always imagined her to be blue and gunmetal.

Then you need to read the Biosector description:

Lariska is a limber being clad in dark blue-green armor, though her left arm is completely mechanical due to punishment from the Shadowed One.

Unfortunately for me, the color range in LDD doesn’t allow for exact recreation of this.

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Not bad.

I personally somewhat dislike the extensive use of CCBS for a G1 character, but then I have no idea what LDD provides you with.

the right arm looks a little too bare in my opinion and I somehow can’t see the head as Lariska’s head (though that might just be because I always imagined her as something like “Green Roodaka” in my head, even though I know Lariska is no Vortixx)

But overall a solid MOC.

I’m currently working on a Lariska MOC myself, although I’m stuck at building a torso and head at the moment …

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Great stuff!

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Thanks, I didn’t know she had a canon color scheme!

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I based her head on a drawing, as it’s stated in the original post. And besides, I don’t like to think about Lariska as “Green Roodaka”. In my opinion, she doesn’t have to. =P

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I never imagined Lariska as being very insect-like, but I like what you’ve done here.

I like this, but I actually get draconian vibes from the mask. Still cool.