Request Pokemon Sprites Here (from Esquire)

Here, you can request for me to make Pokemon sprites!

Here are some of the general ones you can request:


Shedinja  sprite from Black & White

This one is pretty simple enough. I just give a pre-existing pokemon sprite a new colour scheme.
I'm sure that you could do it yourself, but whatever.



Pokemon splices are where you combine two Pokemon, the colour scheme is usually changed to the other Pokemon's as well.


In a pixel over the end result sprite is yours, but the outline is not. It can be a very tedious process.


A revamped pokemon sprite is an older sprite that has been changed to appear like a newer one.
Devamps are the opposite of this.


Formally requesting devamped rayquaza

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May I have a Scyther/Kabutops splice please?

Can you fuse together 3 pokemon at once?

Never tried it, but I know that other's have.

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I always wondered what a Kyreum/Zekrom/Rashiram fusion would look like.

Black Charizard 4 life. Pls.

Luxray recolour perhaps. I'm thinking like the shiny version but with dark red rather than the black. Please? Only if you want though...

This good @EvilLobsterKing ?

@LelouchViBritannia Which rayquaza sprite do you want me to devamp and which generation of graphics should it have after being devamped?


Gen V down to Gen II

Do a purple n'black Gardevoir w/ yellow highlights.

This is amazing thank-you...

It's not so amazing, but thanks anyway blush

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Well I really love it, thank you again...

so my favorite pokemon is Darkrai.

I wonder what it'd look like as a terrible Japanese gen 1 sprite.

I request terribad devamped Darkrai.

if you're willing.

How about a red and black Aegisslash. or splice between Darkrai and Giratina.

Nobody really knows how to work with gen VI sprites yet, so I'll attempt the latter.

How's this @LelouchViBritannia ?



That's fine. Can you also make a devamp of gen IV garchomp?