Retro Star Wars games

Hey guys! I was considering getting either Star Wars Dark Forces or Battlefront II 2005. I don’t have a gaming computer but I revently got a gaming monitor so I might try a lil retro Star Wars gaming

Both are good, but battlefront two is probably the better buy


Battlefront 2 is THE greatest thing since sliced bread. Also, if you’re getting it on PC it has a fairly active modding comunity. There’s a lot of cool stuff I’ve seen people do with it.

Get Knights of the old Republic I and II trust me you won’t regret it

Battlefront 2005 coming to Xbox Gold for free!

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sweet, does it have a date yet?

They just added the expansion packs to the Xbox One ports of the original games. I love Ventress and Fisto

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Just finished republic commando for the third time lol, such an underated game.

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I’m so bad at games lol i only just finished geonosis last time I played

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It’s a tough game especially in the later levels, but stick with it man it’s an awesome experience. You have to use the squad commands to get better at the game, Delta squad is your best weapon.

Also, those geonosians can go to hell, I hate their elite versions and their bull crap melee attack lol.

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What are some good Battlefront II 2005 mods that you don’t have to manually add and remove

Well I’m a fan of of battlefront 1 first person cockpit view in the vehicles, got a mod that added a HUD to the first person view to space ships and some of the land vehicles.
Can’t remember what the mods called though lol

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What do you mean by this? Are you referring to aesthetic mods that don’t directly impact/potentially break game play? From what I understand, all types of mods need to be installed/uninstalled manually since they’re third party elements that weren’t supported by the devs.

I don’t want to have to copy and paste stuff into the files

Hmmm, then I think you’ll be out of luck. However, many mods have step-by-step tutorials that guide you through the process.

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I’ve got Galactic Battlegrounds, which is fun, but that might be because it’s just Age of Empires with a star wars overlay.

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