Revamp Rahkshi lerahk

The rahkshi have to me always felt like both an army and an elite task force within the brotherhood of makuta so out of pure inspiration from just two pieces i made a revamp

This build alone is my personal favorite out of everything I built thus far for how much I managed to think of solution after solution for the build
anyway the main rahkshi sets only had one minor flaw which was the arms the rest where all amazing and very impressive even how they looked in the movie mask of light was something i tried to recreate while using my own ideas

the choice to make lerahk was purely due to the parts i had on hand but still made for something that even I was impressed by

Please feel free to leave any thoughts or opinions below


This looks pretty cool. I especially like the use of the mahri blades to make the spine.


looks very cool


As Rukah said, the use of Mahri blades as a spine is pretty great.