Revamp: toa sora

A revamp of mt self moc sora

The reason for this revamp was due to the issues of the original design which was his stability and weakening exo force arms used for his hands as such i proceeded to replace them and also make his design more connected to his matoran form as a personal headcanon of mine is that when a matoran becomes a toa and when a toa becomes a turaga they take parts with them from their previous form in order to be more use to their new form.

anyway i know Sora’s debut did give some information about him so i will explain a little detail about him this time. Sora’s eyes are hetrochromatic
his right eye is red and his left eye blue. he is uncertain of why as when he woke up in his toa form his eye’s where like this from the start. A lot of matoran are skeptical about the eyes some even saying that staring into them both strikes fear into your soul.

Despite the Rumors he doesn’t let this bother him from doing his duty as a toa and discovering who he was before

feel free to comment and thoughts opinions or criticisms about the build i enjoy hearing what has to be said and will try my best to reply


Looks pretty nice but the dark gold on the legs kinda clashes with th normal gold everywhere else.


Looks good but yeah the dark gold does seem out of place. Nice moc though

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I agree that the dark gold seems completely out of place. Those shin guard pieces do exist in pearl gold, so they wouldn’t be too hard to replace.

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Cool moc

I don’t think they do actually. They do come in what bricklink calls reddish gold, though, which is pretty close to pearl gold

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I really dig the scarf is that an OEM Lego piece

Definitely the best I’ve ever seen him.

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The difference between MOC and render is jarring. Studio does this guy zero justice.

That being said, I really like the built MOC. It has a lot of character and feels very unique despite using mostly common parts. Nice color scheme too. I like.

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A very much better improvement.

I’ll reiterate some previous comments, the different between the bright gold and dark gold doesn’t really work - with the lighting and other parts I couldn’t even tell those shinguards were dark gold. My immediate first concern was the fact that he has no bright gold on the waist or below, but a decent amount of it above.

Aside from that, he seems pretty lanky which I think is off putting. I’d say the main reason why is how close his shoulders are in relation to his hips; but I’d also go with swapping out the shells on his thighs for a larger size; or even use a different piece of armor that isn’t so smooth, since all his other armor has a decent amount of detail.

Lastly, I would like to see a different head design, that can let more light in. The idea of a heterochromatic Toa with a fear-inducing gaze sounds awesome, but his eyes don’t have any brightness at all from the front. The 2016 masks can be attached to a 2 stud wide piece with axle holes on both ends, so you could use that to attach the mask and have everything above it be translucent pieces. You could even consider using a light brick that goes through some extra pieces to color it.

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