Revelation Ch1: Box Compatibility

So here is some neat information for you all. Did you ever had trouble with the 2008 canister boxes? Was its lid been too thin for the parts you are storing inside it. Fear not, if you have a Knights Kingdoms Constraction set canister (The second year of that line to be precise), you can use its lid as the lid for the 2008 canister box. The canister opening and the lid fit perfectly.

I realized this today when I was setting some old boxes for the new 2015 sets, and I really like the compatibility thing.

Have you ever encountered similar things with Bionicle and Hero Factory or similar boxes/canisters and lids before ? Obviously if they are the same canisters (like the 2001,2002,2004 canisters), the lids would fit as well.


Hah, that's funny. grinning

Wooooooooow..... Never noticed that! additionally, I have just a handful of canisters, and there are no KK cans crying_cat_face


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It's cool and all, but seriously

what even

Fun facts, Ill update newer chapters if I find something interesting to share. Its not a lot, but it is interesting to know that two completely different constraction lines share same lid shapes, which was hard to find at that time.

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I'm guessing that the re-hashed Knight's Kingdom canister was a way to not waste the mold.


They rehashed the canister lid shape, anything else is very different.

Oh. My mistake! stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes