"Revenge Of The Titans"

Is 1981’s Clash Of The Titans considered a classic? Depends on who you ask. Regardless, everyone seems to agree that the 2010 remake fails in comparison. The remake did get a sequel, Wrath Of The Titans…which turned out not to be an improvement.

However, the studio had been planning a third movie titled Revenge Of The Titans. It got cancelled when WOTT underperformed, but the fact that it was being developed intrigues me. What do they mean by “Revenge Of The Titans?” The first two movies really didn’t have a lot of Titans from Greek mythology-just Kronos. And he was killed off in the second movie. So what would the revenge be about? Would there be other Titans coming in to avenge their dead brother? Or would it be about Kronos coming back to life after being stuck in limbo after his defeat? Except that’s the plot of WOTT.

I guess, since there were no Titans in the first of the reboot movies (or the original, for that matter), they could’ve just gotten some other villain from Greek mythology. Perhaps Typhon, or the Gigantes? Or even Gaea? It’s certainly something to think about.


I just want to see Saturn eat his son