Review: 35Mechatro WeGo vivid

(Community reviews is only for Lego,so i had no idea what category to put this in. but tell me if you think there's a better category for reviews of non-Lego stuff.)

So i'll be reviewing the yellow 35Mechatro WeGo,Vivid!

From what i can understand,the story is set in an alternate 1957 where mechs are the main form of transport.
The WeGo models are designed by a company called CHUBU mechatronics for children so they can go to school,or simply for entertainment and stuff like that.
Yeah,it's pretty recent so the story isn't really all fleshed out yet.

Here are a few pics of the package:

On the side there's the CHUBU mechatronics logo along with info about the mech.
Yeah,it's a cool little box with a nice design.
But if only i could read japanese ;n;

On to what's inside!

He has instructions;

What's awesome is that they included a base with this clear display case.

The base is a bit too noticable,but i guess it works.

At least he can run.

As seen on the instructions,all the armor parts can come off.
Even his head.
I didn't remove all of them in fear of breaking him,but anyway.

The figure itself is amazing,really.
However the belly piece can get off quite easily,but it isn't that big of a deal.

Only parts i'd suggest being more carefull with are the hands, since they're so tiny.
And the leg joints. They're very,very sturdy,so they also should be handled carefully.

Now here's a bunch of dumb nonsense i did

-metal diecast parts.

-''mouth'' can open up.

-armor can be removed.

-pretty detailed.

-good articulation.

-7cm is very small.

-tiny hands.

-some of the joints are too sturdy.

-some of the armor comes off too easily.

Overall,i think this is an excellent figure and i recommend it to whoever likes mechs 'n bots.
It has it's flaws but i still think spending 43$ for it was worth it.

BTW,this is my first review,
i hope it's alright.



me everytime I win


I almost died laughing

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