Review: Exclusive Tahu Mask

Hey guys, Dub here! This is my first review on the Boards, I think, and today I'm reviewing Exclusive Tahu Mask from NYCC 2014.

This LEGO part is one out of fifteen hundred given to people at New York Comic Con 2014, as well as to two lucky Twitter users who were randomly drawn from a pool of others who retweeted the post. It is the exact same mold used for Tahu's mask in 70787 Tahu Master of Fire, but recolored to trans white.

I bought this from a seller on eBay for US $33.00, which is definitely a high price for just one piece. The packaging is the same as what has been used when LEGO minifigures were previously given away during past comic conventions. The package opens up from the top, and hinges downwards.

The card on the inside has the exact same image that is currently used as the BIONICLE website's header, only cropped to fit inside the packaging. The Mask of Creation is displayed prominently on the front.

On the back of the card it states on a banner up top that this mask is one out of fifteen hundred, which I mentioned above, with the new BIONICLE logo underneath, while the URL for the BIONICLE website is just beneath that.

I've never seen a trans white BIONICLE mask before, and, to my knowledge, this is the first one. The mask resembles 8534 Tahu's Great Kanohi Hau, the large, arching "mouth" section and square shape being the chief similarities between the two. There are two slits on each side of the mask instead of the usual three, and the eyes are smaller.

The mask has crisper edges than any BIONICLE mask I've owned, and it feels good in my hand. If you are willing to part with your money, I'd recommend picking one up.

Here's a few more shots of the mask:

That's it!

EDIT: @noob1234 Has reminded me that a trans white Kaukau was sometimes found in the 8530 Masks and 8525 Masks sets.


Breathing intensifies

This is gonna be some serious shiz for mask collectors. (such as moi)


Great photography! The mask looks a bit bluish in some pics though...


Thank you! I took these one my iPhone, so that's probably why.


Not to be that guy, but... Kopaka's Kaukau. stuck_out_tongue

Still, good job on the review!


I think he means a crystal clear trans mask. The Mata Kaukau was a trans white, correct, and he did say trans white, but I'm fairly sure his meaning was... more clear (Hahahahahahahahahahah Kill me)... than that.


This mask looks like glass,,

Suddenly remembers the time Eljay freaked out on Meso's MNoG playthrough due to him dropping the Kau Kau at the entrance of Ko Koro


@noob1234 @BioRaiders532 Yep, that's the exact same color! Wow, what a dummy I was!

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It'll probably have a powa' like the Huna, so it will be able to make it's wearer invisible smiley


It's an interesting exclusive, but I doubt that it will get much use in MOCing. Doesn't really seem all that useful personally.

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That probably will be the case, unless other trans white parts are made. I bought it mostly for bragging rights, lol.


I almost did that, but the price was a bit too high for me.


I'm impulsive and wasteful when it comes to money, and I'm not proud of it :/


I'm exactly the same, which is why I didn't have enough money to buy it.


Wouldn't it have been crazy if TTV had another surprise Trivia question for this mask during the live-stream?

I could have seen it now:

"And, we were able to get an extra clear Hau, so..."

You get the idea.

Not to say the prizes they offered weren't already great! smiley

Nice review. I hope to get the mask one day...


I like spending money on glass too.


This is great photography and all......but its just one mask. Does it really need a review?

This review was posted long before most people were able to get their hands on this mask, let alone anything else from the 2015 winter wave. Logan wanted to showcase and examine the design of the mask under those circumstances.



Hey this could go in that nifty new review category that was just made eh.