Review: Ketar, Creature of Stone

Ketar was released in January 2016. I obtained the set on December 31. And it somehow exceeded my worst expectations.

First off, the set has too many colors. It has brown, tan, and Dark Grey, none of which are present on Pohatu, which means it’s not even good in unity. No two parts of this set are the same colors. You’ve got the grey tail that comes in brown for the feet, a grey neck that comes in trans-green… for once, the red and blue pins don’t look out of place because the set has every other color of the rainbow.

Second, this is the first Bionicle scorpion set that can’t sting. I’d forgive this if it had a good function, but it doesn’t.

Let’s mention the function. I got Uxar the same day as Ketar, and Uxar had a blue friction pin holding the function in place. Ketar does not. His function flops around uselessly, and if you use it to much his arms fall off. In addition, his head gets in the way of the function, meaning he has to constantly bow his head in shame.

I’d be willing to partially forgive all of that if the unity was good, but it isn’t. Pohatu gets arms and legs splayed out everywhere and a tail.

All of this adds up to Ketar being the worst BIONICLE set ever. Yes, worse than Solek. Solek had poseability, wasn’t floppy, and had an actual color scheme – a boring one, but it is consistent.

So, let’s sum up the set.

terrible color scheme
terrible function
Red and blue pins
floppy function.
hard to pose.
Arms come off too easily
Can’t sting
Silver head clashed with gold mask and looks downright ugly.
useless unity.


Ketar has a dark tan Vorox piece, brown feet, and two swords. This is the only good thing about this set, and the only reason to buy it.


Good review. It could use some pictures though.

As for Ketar I’m fine with giving him the Worst of G2 label, but I don’t think he’s bad enough to be the worst Bionicle set. He has a sort of derpish charm and some interesting bits unlike the Av-matoran.


Agree with this entirely. These are my exact thoughts on the set when I got them.

I actually find Ketar to be the best creature.
Still, you have a very informative review.

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Ketar is my favorite creature. I love his function. Scorpio was my favorite 2015 set, btw. (I am serious). I’ve never cared about color scheme or poseability, so I don’t disagree with your points. I just feel the function more than compensates for his other failings.

*Burnt Orange feet (would love to get these pieces eventually)

Very nice review. I do agree that the creatures and toa sets are very mismatched and incomplete, often with flawed or unusable functions. I think the reason they did this was so you can combine them with their 2015 counterparts. (Toa with toa, protectors with creatures)

I do agree that the red/blue pins are a con. Normally that’s used for younger sets, but these sets are for older kids/teens so idk why they didn’t switch them out. :confused: