REVIEW: Lego Hero Factory 7162 Rotor

Got this guy a couple of weeks ago, and decided to review him, for anyone wanting a review for Rotor. He comes in a basic £30 box size, with 145 parts.
The build process is a bit repetitive in the legs, and some of the stickers are difficult to apply, but apart from that, it was enjoyable. Rotor himself stands just a bit shorter than the Inika build (this is mostly because of his hunched stature), which was a bit unexpected. Rotor’s colour scheme mostly consists of orange and black, with some blue highlights. Now onto the features.

Rotor includes an orange Thornax launcher with one murky green Zamor Sphere loaded in it. This can fire by squeezing the sides.

Unfortunately, both his arms have problems. The first problems are the elbows.

Just look at them and tell me those don’t look strange.
His Thornax Launcher is also attached in a strange manner: so that the bottom sticks out two studs.

On his left arm is a 2008 Matoran jetpack, used as a gun. It is connected to his arm via a long rod.

While this does look slightly out-of-place, it is still sturdy. However, there is a long pipe sticking out of it, which looks VERY weird.

Despite these flaws, the arms still look… Ok… If shown in certain positions.

Rotor also has a large rotor on his back (hence the name), which, when pushed, spins for around 12 seconds. The rotor is attached to a larger assembly which can be moved up and down to change the position of the rotor.

The rotor completely downwards

The rotor completely upwards

This is a cool feature, but if the head is lifted too high when the rotor is in the most upright position, they can catch. Talking about that head, WHERE ON MATA NUI ARE ROTOR’S EYES?!
Unlike the other 2011 Hero Factory villains, Rotor doesn’t have eye slits. I don’t know why they didn’t bother putting eyeholes in Rotor’s helmet, as he still has a neon orange Glatorian head beneath it.

Comparison with Xplode’s head

Now onto the pros and cons…

-Good parts pack
-Easy way to get black Brutaka swords
-Good features
-All orange parts are exclusive, or rare
-Easily towers over 2010 Heroes, creating a challenge in play

-Awkwardly shaped arms and weapons
-No eye slits

Overall I give this set an 8/10 rating.


I always considered his head to be more akin to a gas mask than an actual face so the lack of eye slits never bugged me. I have very fond memories of this set because the first wave of HF sets were really very similar to Bionicle titans, which I never got many of, and it allowed me to experience similar building techniques and play options.

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I would’ve thought it to be a gas mask too, if Rise of the Rookies hadn’t come out. In that movie, he clearly has eye slits:


Oh well that’s inconsistent.

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I find it strange that they actually fixed his elbows and weapons, and removed the orange pipe in Rise Of The Rookies.