Review: Protector of Earth

This guy is my favorite out of all of the Protectors.

But what makes him my favorite?

  1. He has all the right points of articulation. (Knees, elbows, wrists, neck, etc.)

  2. He is packed with functions, like his star drill, his chest minigun and his pop-off mask. (Not all too sure about that last funtion though.)

  3. His color scheme is very consistent.

  4. His mask is very cool, I love the moulding in two colors.

  5. Fun to have a little Skull Spider to battle with.

The only real issues for me are the minigun sticking out so far from the chest, him not having that much armor and losing the studs for the minigun so fast.

So what do you think about this set? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below.


I like him, my main problem with him is that his studs are not trans-purple

He’s my favourite protector too and many people seem to feel the same, while some absolutely hate him.
I love his colour scheme and his overall look.
The only thing, that annoys me is, that you can’t angle his chest plate(s) without sacrificing some of his shoulder articulation.
A great set for a low price and probably the best protector together with PoJ. atleast this is my opinion

This guy’s main issue for me is that if you accidentally bump him while he’s laying on his back, the gun has a 9/10 chance of firing. I’ve already lost two studs that way, which when combined with the studs my friend accidentally fired behind my family’s chest freezer…

In honesty, he’s a good set, with much better a build than coughcoughProtectorOfJunglecoughcough..
My only gripe with him is my headcanon of his chest-gun. It seems like he shoots his organs out with each shot.

Protector of Earth = Sea Cucumber


He is probably one of my favorite of the Protectors, his color scheme is very consistent albeit not carrying the gold that Onua had, the rock pieces are a fitting aesthetic choice for him and his build is unique (mainly his torso). Although making him look down is a problem with the chest cannon and his weapons are kinda dinky.

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my favorite protector has elbows and wrists and everything

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