Review: Uxar, creature of Jungle

Okay, so my last review was harsh, and no less than what Ketar deserves. So I decided to counterbalance things by reviewing my favorite 2016 BIONICLE set: Uxar!

When I first got Uxar, I was not hyped at all. I was way more excited for the Toa Sets that I had yet to get. Plus my hopes had already been crushed by building Ketar. However, then I built Uxar, and my opinion slowly changed.

It took awhile at first. The set has only one joint in it’s legs, and none in the tail. Even Ketar had poseable legs.

The function didn’t work exactly how I’d hoped, but I could live with that.
I was rather bored with the set at first. Then I got bored and posed the set on my knee, and my hopes for the set skyrocketed.

He looked absolutely regal. The big wings made him look powerful, like a creature of pure elemental power should. He looked like a Dragon, and I love it.

I couldn’t wait to combine him with 2016 Lewa, but TBH, he’s better alone. Those big wings give him a feeling of being bigger than life, and the yellow and green is my 3rd favorite color scheme of the wave, and the function is great. I can not speak too highly of this set. 11/10


Regal look
Epic head. (I like the horns)
Great function
Great colour scheme.
Legs aren’t silver.
yellow axles
Did I mention how great he looks?

Back legs aren’t too poseable.
Silver head clashes with gold mask when with Lewa, what was LEGO thinking? (and that’s not actually a con with the set itself, only the unity mode)

If you only get one creature, I recommend Uxar. Great set overall, and I have no major complaints.