~{Revising Bionicle}~

All fiction stories have their flaws. I know that, for some of us, it may be hard to believe, but Bionicle G1 is one of these stories. While nostalgic, interesting, complex, and overall well done, Bionicle G1 isn’t perfect.

I don’t believe that to fix the problems G1 had, there should be a complete reboot. G2 was refreshing, and TTV’s Brickonicle is undoubtedly appreciated, but G1 will always be important to any Bionicle fan, because it is what planted the seeds for G2 and G3.

So if one wanted to fix the few errors in G1 without rebooting it, what would they do? Would they create a topic on the TTV message boards andask people to help them fix the problems? Probably.

That’s not all this topic is about, however. Sure, here you can recommend fixes for plotholes, but I’m sure if I make this topic just about that, it’ll get closed, because somebody has probably already done that. What is unique about this topic is that there will be some plot modifications. If something is genuinely disinteresting or unappealing, we can change it. If something adds to the plot, we can add it. Below are some ground rupes for this topic.

•Editing: You can recommend a change in the plot based on a malconformity or an error.

•Subtraction: You can recommend a change in the plot based on something that seems unappealing or unengaging.

•Addition: You can recommend a change in the plot based on a really cool idea you have that is CONSISTENT with the established plot, (the established plot is the G1 plot, not including any aforementioned subtractions, edits, or character modifications) that adds to the story, and that is not entirely unreasonable.

•Character Modifications: you can recommend a change in the character traits of a person in the Bionicle G1 storyline to improve and develop a character.

Below, I’ll be keeping a timeline for edits in the plot. It will be made in Chronological order, so as to avoid any confusion about what edits are part of the “established plot.”

I really hope this doesn’t get closed, it took me a solid two hours to make this topic lol


Interesting topic idea. I will look forward to seeing ideas put forward.

For the Subtraction category: The concept of the Red Star being basically just a flying repair-shop with many arbitrary rules is something I’ve always disliked, and how Pohatu and Kopaka come to be on the Red Star, with no explanation as to how they escape. I would suggest removing that entire subplot.


It didn’t ever really add much to the story did it? Ok, so lets get rid of its former properties, but what if it were somehow associated with Tren Krom? Krom is more organic than bio mechanical, and the Red Star gave the Toa Inika organic masks. They’re both red. Obviously it’s reading into it, but I’m going to put forth as an addition some sort of association of the red star with Tren Krom.


Possibly change it to maybe that the Red Star was a piece of Tren Krom’s spirit? The whole idea of him being completely organic seems a bit strange to me. Maybe, he was once a biomechanical, but when Mata Nui took over, he was completely cast aside, losing his biomechanical body, and literally breaking his spirit. Being one of the most powerful beings in the MU, he was able to sustain himself with only bits of a spirit, but it turned him bestial. The larger portion of his spirit, the Red Star, took all of Tren Krom’s formally nice qualities with it, and thus became sort of a patron of the Toa.


I like that. I’ve actually been wanting to do quite a bit with Tren Krom.
Since we’re on the subject, I’d like to put forth another addition: A plot point I call the Line of Annona.
It goes like this; Annona tried feeding on the dreams of the great beings, but they built a device that reversed the effect. The result was the hyper intelligence bestowed upon the Great Beings, and a permanent wound left on Annona. (I also propose that Annona is made female as a Character Modification, the name Annona just sounds feminine.) Annona vows revenge, and starts trying to ruin every one of the Great Beings’ projects. When they build the Great Spirit Robot, they create Tren Krom as an A.I. program. Annona sees him as a golden opportunity to ruin the GB’s plans, so she convinces him that the GBs are evil. After this, he turns against them, and they are forced to bind him to an island for all eternity, in the process giving him an organic body so that he cannot leave. This event makes Krom the second in the line of Annona. They then create Mata Nui in his place, who is somewhat sympathetic to Krom, so he takes remnants of the Tren Krom A.I. and backs them up as a star which has power over organic material in the Matoran Universe. When Mutran visits Krom, Tren gives him the Kanohi Kraakahn, a mask which not only is a mask if shadow, but contains information about the GSR, from which, Teridax builds the great plan. In this, Teridax becomes the third in the line of Annona.
The importance of the Kraakahn to the great plan is the reason Teridax has Icarax retrieve it for him.

One minor subtraction i would put forth is the idea of calling the Toa’s ears “Audio receptors” in the 2010 serials. It felt really jarring and I just didn’t like it at all.

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I personally didn’t like the idea that the Rahi were created for the Matorans’ needs. I find it very strange (given how many of them were actually aggressive towards them) and also insulting from a “philosophical” standpoint. So I would definitely change that.


@Styrofoam ok so I get where you’re coming from. Should they actually have ears, or they just magically hear and we ignore/gloss over the means by which they hear.

I agree. 90% of the time, rahi caused trouble for the Matoran. Instead, we’ll just say that rahi are like normal, terrestrial animals.
(Also, how did rahi get to Mata Nui? Maybe I missed something, but I’m pretty sure the Toa Metru only took the Matoran to Mata Nui, so how did any rahi end up there? In light of this question, I propose an addition: the Toa Metru also brought with them an assortment of Rahi, an Noah’s ark kind of thing.)

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If I recall correctly, when the Metru first came to Mata Nui, it was missing all its Fauna we know (there were only plants and different environments, basically). After the catastrophic destruction of Metru Nui, Rahi from the Archives and other places escaped from the Robot because the Visorak were on their way, and they stumbled upon the same land the Toa Metru. I feel like changing this bit wouldn’t make much sense, it explains things pretty well in my opinion.

Oh ok. Yeah I missed that then.

Regarding the Rahi thing, I think it would be cool if the Makuta had created both them and the Matoran. Aside from giving the two groups more equality (I’m studying to be a Naturalist, so bear with me about this “equality debate”), it would also give the Makuta an even better motivation as the villains (and would give sense to the “I bore you, for I am nothing” line from mnog).

The problem with that, though, is that the Matoran actually precede the Makuta. They helped build the GSR during Tren Krom’s reign, but the Makuta came after the GSR was finished.

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Every being in the mu was created for mata nui’s needs, but you don’t have a problem with that, also, the beings of the mu weren’t originally sentient.

Honestly, the proposed changes in this topic are from a lack of understanding of g1 lore, g1 is internally consistent, the red star makes sense, it may not live to the nostalgia hype people seem to have for it, but it makes sense,
the rahi being created for the matorans needs makes sense because of the job of the matoran within the gsr, the Makuta were created to create rahi for the matoran, but they defected and some namely Chirox and mutran began making violent monstrosities just to see if they could,
You know what doesn’t make sense in g1 lore?


the matoran and rahi aren’t equal, the matoran were created specifically to keep the gsr running smoothly, and everything else in the mu was created to help them achieve that task, the relationship between matoran and rahi is completely different from humans and other animals.

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@Payinku Those are some fair points, but this topic isn’t solely for the purpose of correcting mistakes, but also making certain things more interesting. For example, Matoro’s sacrifice was kind of bland, so you could come to this topic and maybe change some character traits of his, give him some flaws, make him more relatable. There are also apparent inconsistencies which are consistent, but could be made to look more consistent.

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My ideas in the brainstorming weren’t necessarily made to have things “work” better in the pre existing lore, I was more trying to think about the things I thought would make the universe more deep and interesting, and, since I’m the one doing this suggestion, leave a bit of my own personality into it. And even if things aren’t in line exactly with the canon, I don’t see it as a hinderance (after all, we are trying to change things). Having both Matoran and Rahi at the same level would mean that both would have a part into running the great spirit, giving the MU more of an ecosystem feel than a “big machine”, which in my opinion would really increase the mythical feel and give kind of a nice message.

But yeah, I get what you mean. Having those drastic changes could also potentially spiral into fan fiction, which is not what this is about.

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I, personally, like both the mythical side and the technological side. I’d like to better pronounce both.


It’s easy to linguistically maneuver around it- Greg did it for years.
Pohatu’s audio receptors picked up…
Pohatu heard…

If it really came down to it, I’d rather them have a mechanical form of ears(call them ears in the story if need be) which, while indistinguishable from audio receptors in practicality, avoids the impersonal jargon.


@Styrofoam So just mechanical ears. Got it

Maybe this is to keep thier numbers in check and not be too over flourishing because Mata nui’s body can’t grow so over population could be a reason

He had no battle experience while the others did. He looked down on himself and was a pessimist. I could name a whole list about his flaws.


He didn’t have any relatable flaws. He was pretty much a moral standard in himself. Sure he was insecure, but he really had no reason to be. You didn’t really get to know him as a matoran, and then he becomes a toa and suddenly he’s supposed to be this figurehead that you know next to nothing about. I don’t hate Matoro, in fact I like him, but I think his character is pretty 2-dimensional.

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