Revotain (Defence) [LDD]

"لقد جئت من بعيد." -GUNG-0RT
Translate:“I come from afar.”
"Wait, who design this thing again?" -Snetor
Revotain [Defence] 2
Revotain [Defence] 1
Revotain [Defence] 3
Revotain [Defence] 4


So there armored “face” splits open to reveal a stud shooter? Awesome

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Really weird design.
I like it.

I like this it looks pretty unique


I really like this thing, is it based on anything? It’s really good!

This looks awesome, I like the pilot(?) too.

Nice and strange!

Not on top of my head; I don’t remember what this was based on.

That’s a Starch specie. Another type appeared in the Revotain Pilot moc.