Rewe'roa, a revamp of my BFTGM contest entry

I altered the waist & head connection, and changed some aesthetic bits on the torso. smiley
TBH, this was where almost all of my pieces went. XD I'm quite happy with the torso, enough so that I don't want to disassemble it. stuck_out_tongue I also changed the name to make it significantly more pronounceable. XD


Back view:

Torso close-up:

Size comparisons:
(I may have gone a bit overboard. stuck_out_tongue)


Wow, that really does look like villain. Great job and good luck with the contest!

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Thank you, though this isn't the version of him I submitted to the contest. This: is the one I submitted to the contest. I feel that it looks inferior to the current revamp. stuck_out_tongue Primarily due to the way the thigh armour and the head attach. As well as the armour on the spine. XD

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It still looks good, though.

Thank you. ^-^

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he's as tall as a playstation, good to know.

I like it, looks really great, he's really beefy, and spikey, looks like a serious baddie.

Why thank you. ^-^ Lol, I got a bit bored when taking photos & decided to see how big of a size comparison I could get, I got bigger than the PS1, but the photos were too blurry. stuck_out_tongue

He looks evil, but I find the colors a bit jumbled.

This guy looks great he looks like he will kill your Toa then wipe out your island just for a laugh.
I like how he looks like a tank and the bulky look to him. He looks heavily armored and can most likely can take a lot of hits. I also like the torso to the build it looks really neat and very different from other mocs.

Why thank you. ^-^ Yeah, I would've made him bulkier, but I had some part restraints (Both in part numbers and the weight. He used to have grey upper thigh joints, but due to the weight and the age of the pieces I had to swap 'em out with a part that had higher friction.)

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I know the feeling, my teridax is composed of most of my good parts, and uses four pistons in the legs just to stand, and he's about the same size.


large mocs can be a pain to make, but man, they look good.
seriously, this flows really well(something I forgot to mention before).

Why thank you. ^-^ Lol, you're lucky. I think I may have like, 3 pistons, and I'm using one as a scope on a gun & I'm probably going to use the other as an exhaust pipe for a steampunk-themed MOC later on. stuck_out_tongue

Nice MOC.
Really huge, only complaint is that the head looks tiny from some angles.

that Miku tho
(assuming it is Miku)

Thanks! ^-^ Yes, that's the Funko vynil figure of Miku. stuck_out_tongue Lol, I never noticed that before, it totally does. XD