3rd character in a sort of series I’ve been working on. They’re a series in the sense that I’m using the same body and limb design for each one.

This is Rhamzalan. Alt skins and a group shot at the end.

Alt skin 1

Alt 2

Group shot



The build is a bit simplistic, but still looks pretty good. I like how you used the Nitroblast head, that’s a very underused piece IMO.


I love this moc! The alt skins are slightly better imo but have a completely different personality.

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I like this MOC a lot… you should submit it for the Marendar moc contest! It’s very similar to what I pictured.

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Interesting. Maybe I will. Where is that contest? This is the first I heard of it.

Awesome MOC. Best of those on the group photo. First skin is the best one for me. Upper legs are not that good.
Marendar Contest is part of Bionicle Canon Canonization contests and it is pretty strange you haven’t heard of it. It is also unknown when the Marendar Contets will be held, there some topics for you about all the stuff:


The First: Art Contest Results (BIONICLE Canon Contest #1)

Thanks for the info.

I don’t think it’s that strange I haven’t heard of it though. How would I have heard of it? Where is it promoted? I’m much more active on Reddit and IG. But I’ve never seen it mentioned there.

In any case, I don’t really do contests. I enjoy the hobby for the art and creativity, not the competition. If people like my stuff, great. But I don’t need to “win” at it. My 6000 IG followers and millions of Flickr views is validation enough for me.

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You have a very good eye for colour balance, especially the silver/orange. Is that protector mask custom?